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Santa Monica Details How They Created the 9 Valkyries and the Combat Mechanics Behind it All



Denny Yeh Senior Employees Fight Designer at Santa Monica Studio took to the PlayStation Weblog to element some fascinating behind the scenes processes the staff needed to provide you with whereas creating the sport.

God of Conflict was an outstanding recreation, it went on to win Recreation of the Yr for 2018, and until’ this present day players throughout gush about it once they get to speak about it. However making a recreation that good, requires tons of expertise, arduous work, a sensible gameplay mechanics.

Yeh goes type of into an infodump of data about how the studio created well-paced boss fights whereas creating nice endgame content material for gamers to check their expertise out.

In case you are inquisitive about studying about how Santa Monica created the 9 distinct bosses, in addition to give an in depth look into their fight mechanics, take a look at the a number of the publish highlights down under:

The Fight Boss

The 9 Valkyrie fights are on the other finish of the boss struggle spectrum. They’re end-game content material, so we might assume gamers are accustomed to the sport’s controls by then. They’re non-compulsory, so we didn’t have to fret about gamers getting caught. Additionally, in contrast to the story-focused Baldur fights, the narrative of the Valkyries are completed pre and post-fight, with out fight dialogue. This meant that the Valkyries had the liberty to focus totally on fight.

Think about the sport as one lengthy class that teaches you the fundamentals of every topic. The themes are the fight mechanics, comparable to block, dodge, parry, axe throw, son arrows, runic assaults, and so forth. Some gamers might excel at sure topics greater than others, however nobody ought to fail at any of them. On this analogy, the 9 Valkyries are the ultimate exams of every topic. When you’re the sort of participant that all the time depends on rolling round like a polar bear to dodge all the things, the Valkyries will hit you with an undodgeable assault so that you simply begin appreciating the significance of blocking.

The Valkyries’ function was to push God of Conflict’s fight mechanics to their limits. The Valkyries inspired (and typically required) gamers to grasp mechanics that they could have uncared for beforehand. They have been a chance for gamers to enhance their very own private fight expertise and problem themselves in the event that they needed extra after finishing the primary story.

Assaults with a Objective

Just like the boss fights themselves, all of a boss’ assaults additionally have to have a objective in thoughts. We designed every of the Valkyrie’s assaults to implement a unique conduct from the participant. When designing enemy conduct, the necessary query isn’t “What can this enemy do?” it’s “What can this enemy make the participant do?” For instance, let’s take a look at two of the Valkyrie’s ranged assaults:

Multi Chakram Throw: The Valkyrie holds her arms out horizontally after which tosses an expansion of medium velocity chakram projectiles. Should you attempt to dodge this, one of many outer chakrams will hit you. As an alternative, you’re higher off blocking.

Heavy Chakram Throw The Valkyrie holds her arms up vertically after which tosses a quick unblockable chakram straight on the participant. In the event you attempt to block this… nicely, it’s unblockable. To keep away from this, you have to dodge sideways.

These two assaults are designed to enrich one another. The participant motion that beats one will get you killed should you attempt it towards the opposite. Consequently, you need to watch the assault animations intently and reply with the right transfer. That is how we maintain the fights partaking. Paying consideration in school is enjoyable!

Versatile Problem

We gave some assaults a number of solutions, permitting the participant extra freedom to precise their particular person expertise. For instance, the Valkyrie has an assault the place she flies up, summons an enormous mace after which slams it into the bottom. You possibly can’t block or dodge this assault, so it’s essential to knock her out of the air earlier than she completes it.

Knocking her down with the son’s arrows is the simplest choice, nevertheless it doesn’t stun the Valkyrie lengthy sufficient to comply with up with further hits. If gamers need to deal extra injury, they need to use the slower and riskier axe throw as an alternative. This type of design provides the Valkyrie a extra versatile problem degree. In case you’re not assured in your axe throw talents, you could have the choice of simply utilizing the son’s arrows. Nevertheless, it gained’t be as efficient.

Aspect notice: On the toughest problem (Give me God of Conflict), the arrows gained’t knock her down in any respect. We demand perfection from anybody daring sufficient to decide on the problem degree written in vibrant pink textual content!

Difficult however Truthful

It’s typically shocking to individuals once I inform them the Valkyries have been designed to be beatable by a degree 1 Kratos with out taking any injury. Positive, they’re presupposed to be the toughest enemies within the recreation, however we additionally needed them to be utterly truthful. This meant placing the result of the struggle solely within the arms of the participant. Each single factor the Valkyrie can do has a solution. Each time you die towards a Valkyrie, you already know there was one thing you can have completed in another way to stop it.

That is an important factor to remember when designing a difficult boss. It have to be truthful. If a boss hits you with an on the spot velocity assault that mechanically kills you, it feels such as you’re simply rolling the cube. That may be a dangerous sort of problem. Gamers have to be assured that in the event that they play correctly, they’ll succeed. This the unstated belief between a participant and a recreation. If we break that belief, we run the danger of gamers feeling just like the struggle was low cost quite than difficult.

Some gamers will in fact nonetheless say the Valkyrie fights are low cost or unfair, however that’s often as a consequence of lack of expertise. Perhaps they didn’t understand you can interrupt their mace quake assault, or they didn’t know you needed to dodge an assault a sure method. Due to all the trouble we put into truthful gameplay, we might confidently give recommendations on easy methods to succeed subsequent time. Look ahead to the Valkyrie to tug out her scythe and time your parry, or throw your axe at her when she flies into the air, or be sure to dodge 3 times in a row when she tries to stomp you. There’s a answer for each demise. It’s like papa Kratos all the time stated, “Don’t be salty… be… higher.”

9 Distinctive Personalities

There are 9 Valkyrie fights in complete scattered all through the sport. We needed every one to really feel distinctive, despite the fact that they shared many comparable strikes. To realize this aim, we needed to be sensible about how we selected every Valkyrie’s transfer set. Every one wanted a defining theme to make them stand out among the many others.

God of War: Valkerie Lineup

As well as, although gamers might battle the primary eight in any order, there was a tough meant development based mostly on how simply accessible their location was. We used this to assist ease gamers in to the extra complicated Valkyrie fights. A number of the earlier Valkyries are designed to show you mechanics that might be essential to defeat the later Valkyries, and ultimately the queen.

Gunnr – The Tutorial Valkyrie

God of War: Gunnr

Gunnr is the primary Valkyrie most individuals battle, so we purposely stored her as the only. She solely has three damaging assaults:

  • Wing swipes right into a double scythe swipe
  • Flying downward scythe chop
  • Dashing scythe spiral

As you possibly can see, all of those assaults contain the scythe weapon. The Valkyries have three weapons out there to them, which they will immediately summon when wanted: Scythe, Mace and Chakram. To assist with preserving every Valkyrie memorable, we have been cautious about which weapons we allowed every Valkyrie to make use of.

Gunnr was restricted to the scythe to maintain her simple. The scythe is the least punishing of the three weapons, since it may well each be parried and dodged with good timing. No matter which defensive mechanic the participant most popular, it was all the time efficient towards Gunnr. She didn’t counter any particular playstyle. Her assaults examined the participant’s timing fairly than demanding the right reply. The query wasn’t “What are you gonna do” it was “When are you Gunnr do it.”


Eir – The Defender Valkyrie

God of War: Eir

Eir examined the participant’s offensive capabilities, particularly the power to interrupt her assaults. She launched a brand new defensive cocoon capacity, testing the participant’s capability to interrupt her guard. She additionally used the flying mace quake means talked about beforehand, which required the participant to knock her out of the… Eir… utilizing projectile assaults.

The remainder of her arsenal was rounded out by primarily sluggish and unblockable mace assaults. All of this, mixed together with her excessive well being complete, made her really feel like a heavy tank in comparison with Gunnr. Additionally, whereas Gunnr encourages you to easily reply her assaults as they got here, Eir forces you to pro-actively cease her assaults earlier than they will hit you.

Think about that annoying child in school who shouts out the reply to a query earlier than the instructor might end asking. That’s who Eir teaches you to turn out to be.

Geirdriful – The Ranged Valkyrie

God of War: Geirdriful

Geidriful doesn’t such as you. Perhaps she thinks you odor. Or perhaps she doesn’t like the best way you chew your meals. No matter her reasoning, she does her greatest to remain distant from you and shoot you down together with her signature chakram projectiles. This tendency of hers already provides her a special really feel from Eir and Gunnr, preferring to cost towards you.

Geirdriful exams the participant’s capacity to shut the space safely. Gamers need to navigate her many various projectile varieties to succeed in her and do injury. She additionally checks the participant’s endurance, particularly on more durable difficulties the place you’ll be able to’t knock her out of the air.

Kara – The Summoner Valkyrie

God of War: Kara

Kara could be very totally different. You may even say she’s probably the most distinctive “Kara-cter” amongst all of the Valkyries. She is far weaker than her sisters, however has the distinctive capability to summon minions to battle for her. Whereas different Valkyries check the participant’s mastery in a one-on-one duel, Kara checks the participant’s potential to cope with crowds.

The Kara struggle is an fascinating one to observe individuals play, as a result of there are lots of totally different methods you possibly can make use of. Some gamers will make the most of their big-area runic assaults to clear a number of minions directly, whereas others will use their excessive injury single goal runic assaults to attempt to burst Kara’s low well being down. Gamers even have the choice of utilizing the setting to their benefit, immediately killing minions by knocking them into the pit under. Every of those are legitimate methods that gamers can make use of throughout different group encounters, so we made positive Kara supported all of them.

Kara is properly positioned as one of many center Valkyrie fights gamers often encounter. She serves as a reminder of how totally different every battle can really feel.

Olrunn – The Fast Valkyrie

God of War: Olrun

Olrunn is the quickest Valkyrie. She makes use of no weapons, relying solely on her tough actions and her razor sharp wings. She checks the participant’s potential to regulate the digital camera and maintain monitor of the goal. Her signature transfer is her circle evade, by which she breaks lock on and dodges behind the participant. She encourages using an typically uncared for mechanic in our recreation – the fast flip (default down on d-pad).

Olrunn’s assault behaviors make her really feel like a trickster. By cherry-picking particular assaults from the Valkyrie’s arsenal, we’re capable of give her a character that’s communicated totally by way of gameplay. That is an instance of how highly effective a cohesive fight loop may be when designing boss fights. Olrunn’s objective is to really feel slippery, so we targeted on giving her assaults that permit her Ol-runn away shortly.

Rota – The Grappler Valkyrie

God of War: Rota

Rota loves Valhalla…virtually as a lot as she loves stomping on Kratos’ face. Rota’s theme was that she targeted on dealing excessive injury together with her grappling assaults: the heel stomp and the swoop. Rota is an instance of how enemy characters can share assaults, however use them in utterly alternative ways. Whereas different Valkyries do have these strikes of their repertoire, Rota had the power to chain them as much as 3 times in a row (5 occasions in new recreation plus). She additionally had tough methods to combo into them from her non-grapple assaults.

We additionally designed Rota earlier than we carried out the sport’s lock-on capacity. This meant that each time she swooped previous you, you had to make use of fast flip or manually spin the digital camera to dodge her subsequent swoop. This made Rota initially one of many hardest Valkyries for many gamers. As soon as lock-on was carried out, she turned extra manageable.

In the long run, her repeated screams of “Valhalla!” each single time she leapt into the air made her memorable because the “loopy one.”

Gondul – The Hearth Valkyrie

God of War: Gondul

In contrast to the earlier Valkyries, Gondul was themed round an elemental affinity to fireside. Nevertheless, that alone isn’t sufficient to make a battle really feel totally different. A whole lot of issues may be hearth based mostly. If she simply shot fireballs, for instance, that wouldn’t really feel any totally different than Geirdriful’s chakrams. We needed to discover a option to talk that fireplace affinity by means of gameplay slightly than simply visuals.

We prototyped a number of totally different hearth based mostly assaults for her, however ended up going with just one: her hearth meteors. She will summon these by leaping into the air or dashing again and casting a spell. The meteors fly in from the sky and depart behind harmful hazards on the bottom the place they land. This was a superb signature transfer for her as a result of it modified how the participant interacted together with her different assaults. The remainder of Gondul’s assaults really feel totally different as a result of gamers should now watch out about which course they dodge into, lest they roll proper right into a burning pyre and discover their well being bar instantly gone… dul.

Regardless of this meteor assault being her solely hearth themed transfer, Gondul nonetheless felt like a fireplace Valkyrie due to how necessary it was to her fight loop.

Hildr – The Ice Valkyrie

God of War: Hildr

Hildr is a product of her location. You struggle her in Niflheim, which means that you’ve a time restrict (as a result of Niflheim’s poison mist). Additionally, in contrast to the opposite Valkyries, for those who die to her, you must run via a number of rooms of Niflheim to attempt once more. All of this stuff mixed make her probably probably the most irritating Valkyrie to face.

We have been very cautious to take this under consideration when balancing her. The great factor concerning the different Valkyrie fights is that it was straightforward to study their assaults by repetition, since you might retry the battle very quick after dying. Hildr didn’t have this luxurious, so we purposely stored her struggle much less complicated. There aren’t many new mechanics to study when preventing Hildr, so gamers are free to concentrate on beating the time restrict imposed by the poison mist.

Oh, and she or he has a candy ice barrage assault, however actually, that didn’t have as huge an influence in making her really feel distinctive as every thing else surrounding her. She turned out to be much less of an “Ice Valkyrie” and extra of a “Niflheim Mist Valkyrie.”

Sigrun – The Valkyrie Queen

God of War: Sigrun

In actuality, all the earlier Valkyrie boss fights have been simply tutorials to get you prepared for the true ultimate boss struggle towards Sigrun. Sigrun is the end result of the whole lot you discovered whereas dealing with her sisters. She has virtually each assault. In truth, she initially had so many assaults in her determination tree that the sport engine couldn’t deal with it. We needed to trim down her movelist a bit to suit her into the sport’s limits for an AI character. This nonetheless resulted in over 25 assaults, along with many combo chains and variations. She is the ultimate examination that assumes you’ve been paying consideration all semester.

I do know that was a variety of info to absorb, and to be trustworthy that was solely the second half of the PlayStation Weblog unique submit. If you wish to take a look at the complete article and study much more fascinating information concerning the recreation’s ins and outs, click on right here!

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