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Resident Evil 2 Remake: How To Unlock All Achievements / Trophies | 100% Completion Guide

Resident Evil 2 Remake: How To Unlock All Achievements / Trophies | 100% Completion Guide

As if Raccoon Metropolis wasn’t lethal sufficient, there are a ton of insanely troublesome challenges ready for hardcore gamers returning to Resident Evil 2. On this top-to-bottom remake, you’ll play by means of a remixed model of the unique PS1 Basic, with new controls, new puzzles, and new mechanics aplenty. Fortunately, this can be a brief recreation — half the enjoyable is mastering each facet of the sport world, studying the ins-and-outs, and speedrunning by means of the campaigns in document time.

And there are achievements / trophies difficult you to do exactly that. To earn 100% completion, you’ll want to finish ridiculous duties, like ending the sport with out utilizing any therapeutic gadgets, or with out utilizing the merchandise field as soon as. Then there are the collectibles — locked safes, stock upgrades, weapon customization, notes, Mr. Raccoons and extra.

We’ve received all of that coated in our full 100% completion information. Simply scroll right down to study all about, properly, every thing.

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How To Unlock All Achievements / Trophies | 100% Completion Information

That is an 100% achievement / trophy information. Right here, you’ll discover hyperlinks, video, and explanations for each achievement / trophy within the recreation. There are a variety of them, and unlocking all of them would require a number of playthroughs. The sport is brief, and for those who’re a speedrunner, you’ll have the ability to full any of the situations in 2-Three hours.

  • Raccoon Metropolis Native
    Acquire all trophies.

Story Achievements / Trophies – Can’t Be Missed

The next achievements / trophies will unlock routinely as you full the primary story. Simply full Leon A -> Claire B (Second Run) and also you’re assured to earn the next achievements / trophies.

  • A Hero Emerges
    Full Leon’s story.
  • A Heroine Emerges
    Full Claire’s story.
  • Welcome to the Metropolis of the Lifeless 
    Make it to the police station.
  • Path to the Goddess
    Clear up the Goddess Statue puzzle.
  • By no means-Ending Rain
    Escape the police station.
  • Hack Full
    Full Ada’s phase.
  • Cover and Search
    Full Sherry’s phase.
  • A Nice Want for a Bathe
    Escape from the sewers.
  • Damaged Umbrella
    Witness the true ending.

The true ending will unlock if you full the [Second Run] marketing campaign, which unlocks after finishing your first playthrough. The [Second Run] marketing campaign is barely totally different, with more durable puzzles and a few totally different key merchandise places.

Primary First Run Achievements / Trophies

  • The Fundamentals of Survival
    Mix two gadgets collectively.

Combining Purple+Inexperienced herbs is a primary survival method you’ll have to turn into acquainted with to outlive in RE2. You’ll additionally mix gadgets to unravel puzzles, so this will’t be missed.

  • Hip to Add Squares
    Improve your stock slots.

Hip Pouches offer you +2 new stock slots. There are six Hip Pouch upgrades complete. Scroll right down to the collectibles part for an entire listing of all of the places.

  • Customizer 
    Customise a weapon.

To customise a weapon, you’ll have to discover a weapon improve and mix it with the right weapon. There are many weapon upgrades, so that you’re sure to come across a number of of them.

For a simple improve location, open the Dial Locks in [F1 West Office] — there’s an improve for Claire and Leon there. To open the locks, enter [NED] and [MRG].

Resident Evil 2 Remake: All Weapon Improve Places | Gun Elements Information

  • Eat This! 
    Counterattack with a sub-weapon.

If in case you have a sub-weapon outfitted, you’ll be able to keep away from injury by urgent [L1 / LB] proper earlier than an enemy’s assault. If in case you have a Fight Knife, Grenade, or Flash Grenade in your stock, you’ll be capable of pull this transfer off.

  • That’ll Maintain ‘Em 
    Use Picket Boards to board up a window.

Picket Boards are a particular merchandise that can be utilized on open home windows within the Police Station. Boarding up a window will completely block off incoming zombies. There’s a picket board you’ll be able to gather and use proper subsequent to the [F1 Dark Room].

  • A Vault-like Thoughts
    Open a transportable protected.

Moveable Safes are particular gadgets you will discover within the Police Station. There are two moveable safes in Leon’s A-State of affairs. One is situated within the [F2 Locker Room] outdoors the showers, and the opposite is within the [F2 Linen Room]which you’ll solely have the ability to entry in your second go to.

To open a protected, you simply should guess — press buttons till you determine the right order. Every Moveable Protected accommodates a Spare Half which you can place on the Security Deposit Room terminal.

  • First Break-In
    Open a dial protected.

There are three dial safes within the recreation. One is situated proper firstly, within the small room in [F1 West Office]. To open it, enter the code [9-15-7]. You’ll get a Hip Pouch and unlock this achievement / trophy.

Leon Solely Problem Achievements / Trophies

The next achievements / trophies are solely out there to unlock when enjoying Leon’s state of affairs.

  • One Slick Tremendous-Spy
    Use solely the EMF Visualizer to finish Ada’s gameplay phase.

When enjoying as Ada, solely use her EMF Visualizer gadget to unravel puzzles. Keep away from zombies — and don’t hearth you pistol even as soon as. You’re very restricted on ammo, so it’s higher to keep away from zombies anyway.

  • Within the Blink of an Eye
    Defeat Tremendous Tyrant with 5+ minutes left till detonation.

Goal the Tremendous Tyrant’s coronary heart with every thing you’ve acquired. When you attain the elevator platform, the actual struggle will start — you’ll have about 7-Eight~ minutes on the timer. Simply maintain capturing, ideally with Magnum or Shotgun rounds, till Ada throws Leon the Rocket Launcher. Use the Rocket Launcher and the battle is over. I like to recommend doing this on Regular / Assisted problem.

Claire Solely Problem Achievements / Trophies

  • Younger Escapee
    Escape the bed room inside 60 seconds throughout Sherry’s phase.

To flee the bed room, you must acquire the stuffed doll, acquire the puzzle piece, remedy the puzzle, and reduce open the cardboard wall all inside 60 seconds. The trickiest half is fixing the little puzzle.

Use this answer so these symbols are displaying on the entrance faces: Circle/Sq., Sq./Star, Star/Sq., and Sq./Star.

  • With Time to Spare
    Defeat Stage four G with four+ minutes left till detonation.

This problem is slightly more durable than Leon’s. I actually advocate solely trying this on Regular / Assisted problem. The trick is — solely shoot the eyes. Don’t shoot Birkin anyplace else. Purpose for the eyes in the midst of his chest, and unleash the Minigun till you run out of ammo. Swap to the SMG, then use the Grenade Launcher with Acid Rounds to complete him off.

Leon & Claire Problem Achievements / Trophies

  • Gotcha!
    Defeat Stage 2 G utilizing the crane solely as soon as.

To deliver down G in solely a single crane swing, you’ll have to severely weaken the boss. Knock him down to at least one knee about four occasions earlier than utilizing the crane on him. Usually, you solely have to knock him down twice to finish the boss struggle.

  • Don’t Want No Stinkin’ Gun
    Defeat an enemy with a knife.

Surprisingly, the simplest enemy to defeat with a knife is the Licker. Stroll (as an alternative of run) towards a Licker that hasn’t been alerted, and circle round to the monster’s again. Then simply begin knifing it — it goes down in about 6-Eight knife swings.

  • Bon Appétit 
    Shoot the grenade you fed to an enemy.

To “feed” a grenade to a zombie, equip the Grenade sub-weapon and get attacked. Counterattack, and also you’ll stick the grenade into the zombie’s mouth. Now, simply again away and shoot the grenade to unlock this problem.

  • Zombie Roundup
    Kill Three enemies directly with a sub-weapon.

The grenade sub-weapon is the one one that may kill a number of zombies. One of many best methods to make sure three kills is with Claire — shoot a cluster of three zombies with an Acid Spherical, then end them off with the grenade.

  • Like Skeet Capturing
    Shoot a zombie canine or a licker out of the air.

That is best to earn in Claire’s state of affairs, when she’s heading towards the orphanage. Equip the SMG, and encounter the various, many canine on the town streets. Look forward to one to pounce, and shoot it out of the sky.

  • Hold Their Heads Ringin’ 
    Paralyze a licker’s sense of listening to.

Quite simple — simply drop a Flash Grenade close to a Licker to stun it.

  • Hats Off! 
    Shoot Tyrant’s hat off his head.

In the event you knock down the Tyrant even as soon as, you’ll knock his hat off. Particularly in the event you’re aiming for his head — which is his solely weak spot.

Collectibles Places Achievements / Trophies

  • Vermin Extermination 
    Destroy a Mr. Raccoon.
  • Full Vermin Extermination
    Destroy all Mr. Raccoons.

There are 15 Mr. Racoon collectibles in RE2. To seek out all of them, comply with this hyperlink for our full places information.

Resident Evil 2 Remake: All Mr. Raccoons Places | Collectibles Information

  • Treasure Hunter 
    Utilizing the photograph hints, discover 2 hidden gadgets.

Within the Sewers [Work Room]you’ll discover a particular Movie Roll. Return to the RPD and develop it within the [Dark Room]. You’ll get two photographs — go to the places within the photographs to get a weapon improve and a stack of ammo. The 2 places are: [2F STARS Office, Wesker’s Desk]and [1F Press Room, Left Table]

  • A Waist of Area
    Increase stock slots to max.

There are 6 Hip Pouch stock upgrades obtainable to gather. Comply with the hyperlink under for an entire places information.

Resident Evil 2 Remake: All Pouch Places | Stock Enlargement Information

  • Lore Explorer
    Learn all the information.

You’ll have the ability to discover 58 information, notes, and paperwork in RE2. Some solely seem in Leon / Claire’s particular person situations, and a few solely seem within the [Second Run] mode. Verify the hyperlink under for an entire listing of all places.

Resident Evil 2 Remake: All Notes Places | File Collectibles Information

  • Grasp of Unlocking 
    Open all the safes and locks within the recreation.

There are a number of safes and locks in RE2. For all of the options and places, examine the hyperlink under.

Resident Evil 2 Remake: How To Open Each Optionally available Lock & Protected | Code Options Information

Full Run Achievements / Trophies

  • Hardcore Rookie
    Full Leon’s story on “Hardcore” recreation mode.
  • Hardcore School Scholar
    Full Claire’s story on “Hardcore” recreation mode.

Hardcore Mode is the toughest problem out there, and makes the sport a lot harder. You’ll have much less ammo, take extra injury, and have to scavenge Ink Ribbons to save lots of your recreation. There are not any checkpoints both, so demise will ship you again to your earlier save file. Best to finish the usual first run A-State of affairs — after finishing the “True Ending”, you have to be ready to deal with Hardcore.

  • Leon “S.” Kennedy
    Full Leon’s story on “Normal” or “Hardcore” with an S rank.
  • Scorching Scarlet Hero
    Full Claire’s story on “Normal” or “Hardcore” with an S rank.

To earn an S rank, you should full the sport quick. Very quick. I like to recommend enjoying on Normal, State of affairs A for the simplest attainable S-Rank completion. You will get S+ Rank, however that isn’t required right here. We’re simply looking for S ranks.

To get S-Rank on Commonplace Problem, A-State of affairs: Full the sport in underneath Three hours, 30 minutes. To try this, you’ll have to take a totally optimized path by way of the sport. If you must discuss with a information, pause the sport — the timer may even pause.

Resident Evil 2 Remake: How To Earn S+ Rank | Ideas & Tips Information

  • Frugalist 
    Full the sport with out utilizing a restoration merchandise.

After beating the sport a number of occasions, you’ll be ready for this problem. Simply don’t use any restoration gadgets, save typically, and play in Help Mode. You’ll in all probability need to kill (virtually) each enemy you see. It additionally helps to maneuver slowly and solely stroll round. Zombies / Lickers / Mr. X gained’t aggro on you in the event you merely stroll as an alternative of sprinting.

  • Minimalist
    Clear the sport with out opening the merchandise field.

Once more, you’ll need to drop right down to the Assisted Problem setting. This isn’t precisely onerous — simply extraordinarily tedious. Seize all of the Hip Pouches to make life simpler, and keep in mind what each key merchandise / puzzle merchandise is for. Don’t acquire puzzles / key gadgets till you completely want them, and avoiding choosing up junk like boards.

  • A Small Carbon Footprint
    Take 14000 steps or fewer in a single playthrough.

Not very many steps in any respect. To earn this achievement / trophy, you’ll have to ONLY gather the important thing gadgets, and solely backtrack whenever you completely need to. You possibly can monitor your steps within the lower-right nook of the pause menu display. Keep away from backtracking for updates / additional gadgets, and solely comply with probably the most simple path by means of every degree. Once more, play in Assisted Problem, stroll, and shoot Mr. X each time he seems.

Additional Mode Achievements / Trophies

  • Grim Reaper 
    Full “The 4th Survivor” additional mode.

This particular mode unlocks after finishing the True Ending. On this mode, you play as “HUNK”, an Umbrella Agent with loads of gadgets, however you gained’t have the ability to restock as you discover the map. You’ll should journey from the Sewers all the best way as much as the entrance gates of the RPD constructing. It’s an extended, lengthy trek — confer with our full information under for step-by-step directions.

Resident Evil 2 Remake: How To Beat Fourth Survivor Mode | ‘Grim Reaper’ Information

That’s all of the achievements / trophies. We’ll proceed so as to add extra to this information sooner or later. Till then, good luck surviving the undead apocalypse in Raccoon Metropolis!