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Metro Exodus: How To Unlock All Achievements / Trophies | 100% Completion Guide

Metro Exodus: How To Unlock All Achievements / Trophies | 100% Completion Guide

The wasteland is a nasty place in Metro Exodus, however that doesn’t imply you’ll be able to’t have an entire bunch of enjoyable replaying each chapter to earn these valuable achievements / trophies. That will help you unlock actually every little thing within the recreation, we’re right here to offer a 100% completion walkthrough, breaking down what you might want to do to finish each problem. There’s a whole lot of stuff on this recreation, and numerous bizarre, easy-to-miss achievements / trophies — whether or not you’re in search of in-depth places guides or morality system explanations, it’s all obtainable under.

Metro Exodus is the third recreation within the Metro collection, following collection protagonist Artyom as he leaves Moscow with the Spartan Order. The world isn’t as lifeless because it first appeared, and the particular forces troopers discover themselves in lethal struggles to outlive (and progress) to an unknown promised land. Someplace, distant, there’s a protected place that’s freed from radiation. Getting there’s going to be robust. Artyom and the Order should battle by means of insane cultists, meat-hungry cannibals, and murderous slavers to succeed in their aim. It’s a tremendous (and amazingly hardcore) recreation, and it’s completely value returning to many times.

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How To Unlock All Achievements / Trophies | 100% Completion Information


Hidden Achievements / Trophies

To get this achievement / trophy, wait till your fuel masks is damaged in fight. A small gap will seem within the bottom-left nook. To patch the masks, press [L1 / LB] — the identical button you employ to wipe your masks.

  • Brakeman
    • Detach all practice automobiles on the MOSCOW degree.

Whenever you’re infiltrating the Hanza practice in Chapter 1, you’ll have the ability to detach a number of practice automobiles. Between every automotive, search for a lever you’ll be able to pull to launch the again automobiles. Do that twice to get the achievement / trophy.

  • Be a part of Us On Air
    • Discover a tune on the radio.

In Chapter 2: Winter, you’ll be capable of toy round with the radio earlier than leaving the practice sequence. Return to the radio earlier than utilizing the map, and scan for a music station. Simply hold scanning, and also you’ll discover it.

  • Pal of the Crew
    • Discover the guitar and teddy bear on the Volga chapter.

After visiting Krest, you’ll return to the Aurora and get some requests from the crew. The little woman will ask for a teddy bear, and one in every of your crewmates will ask for a guitar. Each will seem in your map.

The guitar is on the prime of the radio tower that’s guarded by bandits. The teddy bear is within the far south of the map, on a silo subsequent to a demon mutant.

The primary time you encounter a demon, it’ll in all probability be once you seize the teddy bear from the nest within the Volga chapter. You’ll additionally encounter demons within the Caspian chapter.

To kill a demon with hearth, both use a Molotov cocktail instantly after triggering the demon nest on the Volga, or wait till you attain the Caspian and earn the hearth capsule improve for the Tikhar. Go to a nest, and wait till you get a great shot with a capsule outfitted — the hearth capsule will shortly burn and kill the demon. They’re weak to fireside.

Within the Volga chapter, whenever you infiltrate the massive facility the place you’re menaced by the Tzar-fish. Drop a physique into the water to lure the catfish underneath the monitor the place you’ll drop particles when turning it — if the particles falls on the catfish, you’ll kill it and earn this achievement / trophy.

  • Final Breath
    • After operating out of filters in a hazard zone, craft a brand new one whereas suffocating.

Enter a pink zone (verify your radiation meter) and wait on your filters to expire. The timer might want to say “00:00” on the clock. When you’ve got a variety of filters, you possibly can dismantle them at any workbench. When you’re utterly out of filters and suffocating, open your backpack and construct a brand new filter. Only one will make this achievement / trophy pop.

  • Curler Coaster
    • Use the bucket carry to succeed in the Oasis within the CASPIAN degree.

Through the mission to steal the water tanker within the Caspian chapter, you’ll need to struggle via an deserted settlement earlier than reaching the Baron’s facility. On the backside of the cavern, you’ll see a properly with a bucket carry within the middle. You’ll additionally see that the employees are utilizing it to journey up — clear the world and use the carry to experience up your self.

  • Kaleidoscope
    • Kill three enemies utilizing sniper scope, whereas sporting a Fuel masks and Night time-Imaginative and prescient goggles.

You’ll discover the NVG improve on the Tzar-fish constructing within the Volga chapter, within the non-compulsory room on the finish. Merely equip a weapon with a sniper scope (or NVG scope), then equip each the NVG and gasmask. Get three kills to pop this achievement / trophy.

  • Decommunization
    • Destroy the most important statue in entrance of the Youngsters’s Camp.

On the Taiga chapter, the second space you enter is the Youngsters’s Camp. There’s a big statue of Lenin outdoors the camp — you’ll be able to melee it to destroy it in the event you don’t need to waste an arrow.

  • Forest Youngster
    • Full the TAIGA degree with out attacking anybody or getting observed.

This one is hard — you’ll have to sneak by way of the complete degree with out elevating an alarm, and with out knocking anybody out. You must be utterly stealthy. You’ll be able to nonetheless battle and kill mutants, this solely applies to human enemies.

For a lot of the chapter, you possibly can simply keep away from battle. Simply take the sneakier strategy and wait till darkness on the numerous protected homes earlier than getting into enemy territory. Use cans to distract guards, and put out lights wherever you go.

  • 5’zero Clock
    • Attend the Admiral’s tea social gathering.

Close to the top of the Taiga chapter, you’ll encounter the Admiral on the higher ranges of the deserted, mutant-infested manufacturing unit. Sit down and take heed to him — and play the guitar when it’s dropped out of the corpse’s hand. That’ll put the admiral to sleep and unlock this achievement / trophy.

  • Hardcore
    • Full the sport on Ranger Hardcore mode.

That is probably the most hardcore problem within the recreation, and it’s unlocked proper from the beginning. You’ll have to rely utterly on stealth to complete this run — coping with mutants is the toughest half. Shotguns and crafting supplies will probably be essential. Save this run on your second / third playthrough, and also you’ll have a a lot simpler time. Most of the puzzles / mutant sections might be utterly prevented if you recognize precisely what to do.

Crafting / Kills Achievements / Trophies 

  • Gunsmith
    • Set up a modification of every class onto a single weapon.

Very straightforward. Should you loot each enemy weapon you discover, and search non-compulsory areas, you’ll discover loads of weapon elements you possibly can slap onto quite a lot of weapons. Simply ensure you add a brand new mod for the next classes: Inventory / Grip, Barrel, Sight, Journal, and Gadget.

  • Skilled
    • Get 1 kill with all 10 ranged weapons.

Quite simple. Simply get a kill with all of the ranged weapons within the recreation. Doesn’t matter in the event that they’re modified or not. All of the rangers weapons are: Ashot, Kalash, Revolver, Tikhar, Bastard, Gatling, Valve, Shambler, Bulldog, and Crossbow.

The subsequent achievements / trophies on the record are easy, simple ones — to earn these, you simply want to gather a lot of craftings / chemical compounds, and get a lot of kills. Play the sport greater than as soon as, and also you’re assured to earn these.

  • Handyman
    • Spend 500 consumable assets on crafting
  • Tidyman
    • Spend 500 chemical assets on cleansing weapons.
  • Stand Again
    • Kill 50 enemies at lengthy distance.
  • Silent Marksman
    • Kill 30 enemies with the Tikhar.
  • Righteous Vengeance
  • Carmageddon
    • Get 50 kills with the Bukhanka.
  • Antibiotic
  • Headhunter
  • Saboteur
    • Knock out / kill 50 enemies with melee takedowns.
  • Robin Hood
    • Kill 30 enemies with the Crossbow.

Collectibles (Diaries / Postcards) Achievements / Trophies

The next achievements / trophies are all about collectibles. As an alternative of placing all of them right here, you’ll discover separate guides linked to every particular person chapter or collectible sort.

  • Librarian
  • Previous World Footage

There are lots of, many collectibles to seek out in Metro Exodus, they usually’re all onerous to identify. You may’ve visited all of the areas with collectibles and nonetheless missed them. Take a look at the guides under for all of the places it is advisable unlock these achievements / trophies.


  • Dressed For Success
    • Discover all upgrades for Artyom’s Go well with

You’ll find all of the Spartan Go well with upgrades in two chapters — Volga, and Caspian. Examine the information linked under for a fast rundown of all of the places.

Ending Achievements / Trophies

There’s a morality system in Metro Exodus. Relying in your decisions, sure chapters can have a very good or dangerous ending. Morality is all about whether or not you kill individuals — and typically you’ll have to sneak by armed troopers and keep away from killing them to get the most effective ending.

Within the Volga chapter, keep in stealth as you sneak via the bridge. The bridge is the ultimate mission of the chapter, and should you attain the top with out elevating an alarm, Duke will survive.

  • Damir
    • Damir stays with the crew.

To get the perfect ending within the Caspian chapter, you’ll want to save lots of the slaves within the jail boat, and within the mine / scrapyard. Free the slaves, and gather the household photograph for Guil whenever you discover the underground bunker. In the course of the remaining infiltration degree, keep in stealth when sneaking via the slave quarters — however you’re free to shoot your method out of the oil rig.

  • Alyosha
    • Alyosha doesn’t get wounded.

Alyosha gained’t get wounded should you comply with his recommendation — and the recommendation of Olga. Don’t harm the Pioneers whenever you’re sneaking via the forest tribe camp. Keep stealthy, and keep away from all battle. The one occasions you’re permitted to make use of weapons are if you’re preventing the bandits, or whenever you’re preventing mutants.

  • Your Vacation spot
    • Assume Command of the Order

That is the great ending. So long as you earn at the very least two of the trophies above, you’ll get this ending.

  • Everlasting Voyage
    • Save Anna by paying the last word worth.

And that is the dangerous ending. For those who carry out too many evil actions, like killing surrendering enemies, with out doing any good morality actions, you’ll earn this ending.

Unmissable Achievements / Trophies

The next achievements / trophies can’t be missed. You’ll earn them as you progress by way of the story. Simply full the marketing campaign as soon as and also you’ll earn all these achievements / trophies.

  • Exodus
    • Full the MOSCOW degree.
  • Aurora
  • Regatta
  • Railwayman
  • Lengthy Distance Passenger
    • Discover the passenger practice automotive.
  • Decrease The Bridge
    • Full the VOLGA degree.
  • Spoiled Dinner
    • Full the YAMANTAU degree.
  • Driver
  • Full Street Map
    • Discover maps within the underground facility.
  • New Order
    • Full the CASPIAN degree.
  • Gor’ko!
  • Sword of Damocles
    • Full the TAIGA degree.
  • Grasp of the Forest
    • Stand your floor towards the bear within the first encounter.
  • Putrification

And that’s the whole lot! Verify again quickly for extra updates and in-depth guides.