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Game of Thrones Final Season Forecast: ‘Winterfell’ Edition

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This text was co-written with Meg Shields 

All issues thought-about, the season eight premiere was a somewhat nice, completely happy affair. There have been reunions galore: Jon and Arya in contrast swords, Sansa and Tyrion caught up, Bran waited outdoors for like three days to ensure he was first in line to greet his previous pal Jaime. Issues acquired heated in Winterfell’s forge with some critical flirting between Arya and Gendry. Theon rescued Yara from Euron with much less problem than going via a TSA checkpoint. Positive, poor little Ned Umber received wreckt, however truthfully did you even keep in mind he existed earlier than this episode? All this to say that in basic Recreation of Thrones premiere style, “Winterfell” had very robust “calm earlier than the storm” vibes. So we hope you loved that as a result of the night time is darkish and filled with terrors and it’s fucking nightfall, individuals. We’ve seen the silver lining and now we’ve acquired the storm cloud, so fasten your seatbelts as a result of it’s going to be a bumpy night time certainly.

A few of our predictions from our season-wide sweep have already come true. Jon rode his dad’s namesake Rhaegal, Gendry is the purpose individual for smithing dragon glass, and, as talked about earlier, he’s additionally making his dad’s ghost fairly proud by romancing a Stark. We don’t declare to have Bran’s…no matter Bran has, however we have now a reasonably good concept of how this cookie may crumble.

Be a part of us as we utterly break horses for you, and take a stab at what’s on the horizon for the upcoming episodes of the ultimate season of Recreation of Thrones.


Wildfire Spoilers Optimized


Jaime’s ass will probably be saved by impending doom.

Based mostly on the sneak preview for episode 2, issues don’t look nice for Jaime—which is, admittedly, not shocking, contemplating the entire “Kingslaying Daenerys’ dad” factor. However we don’t assume he’s going to get roasted Tarly-style; at the very least, not but. Right here’s why: the preview for Episode 2 exhibits Tormund, Edd, and Beric at Winterfell, and signifies they unfold the phrase about what occurred at Final Fireside. And when Jon and Daenerys understand the Battle for the Daybreak is actual fucking nigh, they only may be satisfied to reprioritize, and do issues like not kill a dwelling man prepared and capable of maintain a sword when they’re already dealing with horrible odds towards the military of the lifeless. In fact, if that is how the state of affairs performs out it means Jaime solely has to outlive the Night time King’s military (after which additionally Daenerys). Straightforward peasy.   

Jaime goes to push Bran in his wheelchair.

This in all probability gained’t occur however might you think about.

Jon will in all probability get pissed off that Daenerys killed Sam’s household

Positive Jon is all in for “typically monarchs need to execute douchebags,” however Sam’s received these pet eyes and that earnest tenor and also you simply know Jon’s going to carry Daenerys’ itchy set off/”Dracarys” finger towards her. Which isn’t going to assist their diplomatic relations when…

Daenerys will in all probability get pissed off that Jon has extra of a proper to the throne than her

They gon struggle. Now that “Jon Snow’ died within the Stark crypt with the information he’s scorching Targaryan shit, he’s in all probability going to rush off to inform Daenerys. As a result of pay attention, if nothing else, Jon is his uncle’s nephew and his good coronary heart will completely compel him to share a probably harmful fact with somebody extra highly effective than he. Daenerys will take the information poorly, which can put a stopper in his proclivity to bonk ladies in proximity to dramatic water options. Then Beric and firm will present as much as increase the stakes for Daenerys and Jon to settle their inter-familial variations.  

Solely demise will cease Gendrya from occurring at this level

The reunion between the previous companions was not even a bit bit delicate. We’ve all seen The Princess Bride, we all know what “as you would like, milady” means. Until one among them dies first (admittedly, a particular risk), this ship is completely crusing. Oh, pleased days. *Twirls away flirtatiously.*

May Arya kill a dragon (and/or a dragon rider)?

Based mostly on the sketch that she provides Gendry, Arya’s upcoming weapon seems to be a double-headed spear the place one blade can be her Valyrian metal dagger and the opposite can be dragonglass that additionally can even detach and be used individually as two knives. It’s virtually definitely the weapon we see her twirling within the promo. It seems completely badass, and we will’t wait to see extra of it.

However in greater fan principle information, Arya’s new spear has despatched some speculating into what Huge Dangerous she’s going to kill with it. You simply don’t go to the difficulty of inventing a brand new weapon until it’s going to do one thing with critical plot relevance. Some on the web are suggesting that the spear design hints that Arya could be the one to kill ice-Viserion, as a result of spears are a standard Dornish weapon and the Dornish have been the primary to kill one of many Targaryen dragons after Aegon the Conqueror and his sister-wives confirmed up in Westeros. Admittedly, that dragon was killed with a Scorpion, just like the one Bronn used to assault Drogon earlier than stated dragon incinerated it, so the connection is a little bit of a stretch, however it’s a cool thought. Others assume she’ll use her new weapon to take out the Night time King himself (so suck on that, Azor Ahai).

Jon gained extra traction within the Azor Ahai forecast

We don’t know who the prophecized hero Azor Ahai/The Prince(ss) Who Was Promised is—and even are, probably, contemplating it’s unclear whether or not or not the 2 truly check with the identical individual—and, as we broke down final time, there are an entire lot of theories on the market. However presuming Recreation of Thrones is following the normal “Chosen One” formulation, Jon and Daenerys are the almost certainly candidates. Whereas they have been fairly neck and neck going into the ultimate season, with Daenerys even probably having a slight lead, Jon studying about his parentage within the crypts of Winterfell has considerably elevated Jon’s odds, as the invention in that exact context fulfills the “wake dragons from stone” aspect of the Azor Ahai prophecy; the waking dragons being Jon’s “awakening” to his Targaryen id and the stone being the statues within the crypts. In the meantime, Daenerys’ extra mercurial tendencies have been on full show (see: her feedback about dragons consuming “no matter they need”), which doesn’t essentially bode very properly for her being the Nice Massive Hero of our story.  

Keep in mind that scene of Arya operating from one thing within the trailer?

Yeah, our spidey senses are tingling and we expect there’s a non-zero probability that scene may come up within the subsequent episode. Why? To start with, as a result of we’re fairly positive most if not all the trailer footage goes to finish up being from the primary half of the season, and we all know from the episode 2 promo that the episode will function Arya’s “demise, it’s obtained many faces” line—and her going from “wanting ahead” to the expertise to regretting her selection of phrases immensely (terrified operating) looks like the type of narrative arc that may occur over the course of 1 episode.


Can Euron do math?

The reply is completely not. Based mostly on their post-coital dialogue, Euron is clearly not conscious that Cersei’s eggo is already preggo. Whereas admittedly the Recreation of Thrones timeline has gotten particularly fuzzy as of late, it appears Cersei ought to in all probability be at the least a number of months alongside by now, which suggests if Euron falls for the “it’s yours” ploy then he’s the dumbest man in Westeros. That stated, we’re nonetheless fairly sure this child isn’t going to make it to the actually-getting-born stage, so this may find yourself being a non-issue.

Yara may homicide Euron

He’s very enjoyable however he undoubtedly deserves it. Then once more, perhaps Yara will let Cersei know all about Euron’s “then I’ll sail the Iron Fleet elsewhere” remark. They will share.  

Bronn abandons his Cersei duties to battle for Winterfell

Bron loves cash however we’re fairly positive he’s achieved being dicked round by his least favourite member of “that fucking household” and their fucking crossbows. Quote one Redditor: He’d do something for gold however he gained’t do this. Perhaps Tyrion will money in one other “no matter she’s paying I’ll double it” chip and Bronn’ll get two extra crossbows. Or one massive crossbow. In any case, he didn’t miss Drogon the primary time round, and perhaps with that apply, he’ll have higher goal on the subject of Viserion.


Theon’s going to die doing a heroism

We give him like 2 extra episodes max. Our cash is on him assembly some slightly honorable, heroic finish as soon as he makes it again to Winterfell. And he’s completely gonna die at Winterfell. Truthfully, the one actual query left at this level is “how?” and we’re in all probability going to seek out out the reply sooner quite than later.

Yara goes to host Daenerys en-route to the Warfare of the Two Queens

Our salty gal has some extent: the Iron Isles are dead-proof, and Daenerys goes to wish a pit cease en path to the Pink Maintain after the Winterfell shakedown. In any case, she may have someplace to gather herself after the fallout of preventing the lifeless (cough…aka Jon Snow dying…cough).


What does the spiral sigil imply?

Nicely, it doesn’t imply “we are available peace,” that’s for positive. There are Subreddit whispers that the lifeless take pleasure in vortices as a result of the Youngsters of the Forest did, and a perverted type of their love of geometric spirals carried by way of to their undead weapon. Others have commented that the spirals appear to have some resemblance to the Targaryen sigil, and that that may find yourself being vital not directly, however in what approach precisely stays unclear.


Subsequent week is episode quantity 69 (good) and there’s gonna be a intercourse scene

As in a correct intercourse scene between two precise characters with names and stuff. Not filler to arrange some plot improvement (see: Bronn and his pox ladies). It’s simply too good a chance to move up. So, who’s gonna bang? Nicely, our cash’s on Brienne and Jaime. Stick with us: the “Jaime sees Bran” parallel between “Winterfell” and the collection premiere underline simply how a lot Jaime’s character has modified since we first met him. And, because the very starting, one among Jaime’s defining traits has been his devotion to Cersei. In seasons previous, there have been a number of events the place Jaime has introduced up having by no means slept with some other lady however Cersei and that unique devotion is a elementary element of who Jaime Lannister was—however is not.

Nothing would go additional to show Jaime’s complete 180 than for him to have intercourse with somebody who shouldn’t be Cersei, and there’s been quite a bit hinting in the direction of him and Brienne. Additionally, we really feel there’s a superb probability Jaime’s headed for a tragic hero’s demise, so presenting the potential for him truly having an opportunity of a cheerful future earlier than any future is taken away from him can be a good way to make that end result much more painful. All issues thought-about, we expect their relationship could be very possible, even when it doesn’t occur subsequent episode. But in addition, it’s episode 69. There must be a intercourse scene that’s an enormous fucking deal (excessive 5), and Brienne and Jamie bonking can be an enormous fucking deal.

Extra reunions will occur

There are like two levels of separation, max, between any two given characters at this level within the present. So, contemplating everybody left alive is converging on one among two places—King’s Touchdown or Winterfell—all reunions and conferences that may occur just about will occur. The season premiere obtained most of the most extremely anticipated ones out of the best way (learn: Jon and Arya), however there are a lot essential conferences left that haven’t occurred but, together with numerous that are on account of occur quickly.

Right here’s our forecast for the conferences/reunions most probably to seem in episode 2:

  • Tormund and Brienne: Their youngsters can be monsters who conquer the world, and Tormund completely ships it. Brienne’s emotions on the matter are unclear. However on his aspect, the forecast is certainly heart-eyes with 100% probability of flirting.
  • Jaime and everybody at Winterfell: From the preview, Daenerys is made conscious of the Kingslayer’s arrival, as are all the Starks, as a result of it’s Winterfell. Nevertheless, different interactions not proven within the promo that may virtually definitely function within the episode embrace Jaime/Tyrion and Jaime/Brienne.
  • Jorah and Lyanna: The final surviving Mormonts are each in Winterfell. Contemplating Jorah was disowned by his household for getting concerned in slave buying and selling and Lyanna is a pressure to be reckoned with amongst the Northern management, this is a vital assembly that basically must occur. Sooner quite than later.
  • Former Crow Bros: Edd reunites with Jon and Sam. Apologizes for by accident flattening the Wall whereas they have been gone, however factors out Jon completely jinxed the state of affairs when he joked about that taking place within the first place.

The place the fuck is Ghost?

We don’t know, dude. And we’re not getting any elephants both, and the enormous ice spiders are nonetheless MIA… it actually does really feel like this present has forgotten about each animal that isn’t a dragon or a horse. It’s tragic, actually.

There isn’t any proof that Varys isn’t a merman

None in any respect.