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FiiO FH1 vs Shure SE215 Comparison Review

FiiO FH1 vs Shure SE215 comparison review best affordable IEMs
FiiO FH1 vs Shure SE215 comparison review best affordable IEMs

In the event you’re on the lookout for a set of reasonably priced and high-quality in-ear screens (IEMs), there are a handful of excellent choices on the market, and the listing simply received greater. You’ve in all probability heard of the Shure SE215, the powerhouse of IEMs within the $100 worth vary. However just lately, we have been capable of get our arms on the most recent from FiiO, the Fiio FH1. For IEMs which might be so comparable in look, design, the FiiO FH1 and the Shure SE215 are remarkably totally different in sound. The FH1 is just a little bit extra reasonably priced at $74.99, whereas the SE215 is $99. So which one is best for you? Is it value it so that you can spend just a little additional money on the more-well-known 215? Let’s take a better look with this FiiO FH1 vs Shure SE215 Comparability Evaluation.

Within the Field

FiiO FH1 Shure SE215
FiiO FH1 earphones Shure SE215 earphones
unbalanced MMCX cable with three.5 mm  connectors (with mic and distant) unbalanced MMCX cable with three.5 mm  connectors (with mic and distant)
balanced MMCX cable with 2.5 mm connector foam eartips (s, m, l)
silicone eartips (s, m, l) silicone eartips (s, m, l)
SpinFit eartips (s, m, l) zipping, tender carrying case
exhausting shell protecting carrying case cleansing software
documentation documentation



Look and Really feel

Each the ear items of the FiiO FH1 and the Shure SE215 have a really comparable rounded form and medium measurement. They’re each product of plastic and have removable MMCX cables. Their seems and vibes differ a bit due to their designs. On one hand, the FH1 has a way of style, with a easy line of silver that outlines the form of the earphone. Its outdoors end has a light-weight gloss to it. Moreover, it is available in a variety of totally different colours: black, blue, inexperienced, and pink. Lastly, the FH1 has a brass tube/nozzle the place the eartips match. It’s thicker than the SE215’s nozzle.

However, the SE215 has a bit of bit extra of a utilitarian design. It’s shell is barely clear (apart from the white shade), so one can see the internal workings of the IEM. The Shure emblem goes throughout the surface with the mannequin quantity on the other aspect of the shell. Just like the FH1, it is available in a number of totally different colours: black, clear, particular version white, and particular version (clear) blue. Moreover, the nozzle of the SE215 is one with the driving force housing and is lengthy and slender compared to the FH1’s nozzle.

Consolation and Match

Shure SE215 vs FiiO FH1 comparison review best IEMs

Sitting in my ear, the FiiO FH1 and the Shure SE215 really feel very comparable. Due to their similarities in form and measurement, they each contact the ear in an analogous means, though it’s fairly snug. Their match is barely distinction due to the best way the cables’ earhooks differ. On one hand, the earhook of the FH1 is extra fitted, having a malleable design that returns to its place in the event you transfer it.

Against this, the earhook of the SE215 bends to the place the place you progress it. However due to the stiffness of the earhook, typically it finally ends up pulling the earphone out of the ear. Consequently, it takes just a little bit of additional effort to get it to suit. The FH1’s match is simpler and doesn’t require as a lot finagling for my comparatively small ears.


best IEMs FiiO FH1 vs Shure SE215 comparison review

Each the FiiO FH1 and the Shure SE215 profit from removable cables. Their earpieces have MMCX ports the place cables can connect. Each IEMs include an unbalanced MMCX cable with a three.5 mm connector (with a distant and mic for speaking on the telephone). Moreover, the FH1 comes with a balanced cable, which I’ll describe under.

Nevertheless, the cables with the three.5 mm connectors are fairly comparable, though really feel a bit totally different from one another. On one hand, the FH1’s cable is softer and simpler to coil and handle. It’s distant/mic is extra compact and aesthetically pleasing. Against this, the SE215’s cable feels prefer it has a thicker jacket, making it a bit stiffer. It feels extra hearty than the cable of the FH1.

That stated, the FH1’s connector has an “L” form which helps with pressure aid, versus the SE215’s straight connector. Along with the FiiO FH1’s unbalanced cable, it additionally comes with a balanced cable with a 2.5 mm connector. This cable is just like the unbalanced cable in that it makes use of the “L” formed connector and the identical earhook design. It differs in that it’s a braided cable with individually insulated conductors.


The driving force design of the FiiO FH1 and the Shure SE215 are totally different from one another. This explains their radically totally different sound signatures regardless of their comparable driver housing shapes. First, the FiiO FH1 includes a hybrid driver design. It has one dynamic driver for the lows and a Knowles balanced armature driver for the mids and highs. Fiio says that with a view to scale back resonances, they positioned the balanced armature driver contained in the brass tubing.

Against this, the Shure SE215 retains it easy with a single, hi-definition dynamic driver. The particular version variations of the IEM have “distinctly tuned frequency response for prolonged bass”, based on Shure.


For this listening check, I attempted to make my expertise of the earphones as shut to one another as attainable. I listened with the silicone ear recommendations on each earphones, in addition to with their unbalanced cables. For a larger dynamic response and soundstage, pay attention with the balanced cable of the FiiO FH1. It’s value noting once more that as a result of each IEMs have removable cables, one can use both with any third social gathering MMCX cable, making them tremendous versatile and sturdy.

Low Frequencies

best affordable IEMs FiiO FH1 vs Shuer SE215 comparison review

Each the FiiO FH1 and the Shure SE215 have full sounding low ends. Nevertheless, they’re emphasised in barely totally different locations. On one hand, the FH1 has a bit bit of additional emphasis within the sub-region of the lows. Moreover, it has some emphasis close to what feels like 80 Hz. In consequence, it has a pleasant sense of physique and thump. Regardless of these areas of emphasis, there’s nonetheless numerous area across the lows which helps it keep away from muddiness.

Then again, the SE215 has emphasis doesn’t have as a lot sub power, however does have additional emphasis round what feels like 60 Hz and 120 Hz. In consequence, kick drums don’t sound as deep because the FH1 however sound a bit louder within the combine.

For instance, once I was listening to the track Desperado by Rihanna, the kick pattern and the low bass synth sounded prefer it had extra extension with the FH1. Nevertheless, they sounded a bit thicker with the SE215. There appeared to be a bit extra influence with the FH1 since there was more room across the lows with it, however there was a firmer basis with the SE215 due to the added thickness close to the low-mids.

Center Frequencies

best affordable IEMs Shure SE215 vs FiiO FH1 comparison review

The midrange of the FiiO FH1 and the Shure SE215 definitely had a sense of similarity, particularly within the center a part of the midrange and the high-mids. The most important distinction to my ears within the midrange was that the SE215 had extra emphasis within the low-mids. Consequently, low-mid wealthy devices like guitars, synths, low strings, and basses, sounded greater with the 215 however clearer with the FH1.

There was one other small distinction within the high-mids, giving the 2 IEMs a barely totally different form there from one another. Each had emphasis on the backside of the high-mids and the highest of the high-mids, leaving an area within the center a part of the high-mids. Nevertheless, the SE215’s minimize, which sounded prefer it was someplace round three kHz felt a bit extra dramatic than the minimize within the FH1. Consequently, vocals felt a bit of bit louder within the combine with the FH1 than the SE215.

For instance, once I was listening to the music Metropolis on the Hill by Desaparecidos, the lighter low-mid power of the FH1 gave the electrical guitar extra separation from the bass guitar. That stated, with the SE215, the guitars and bass sounded greater, though blended extra collectively. Moreover, the snare drum sounded clearer with the FH1 however had an enormous sense of heavy power with the SE215, making it really feel highly effective.

Excessive Frequencies

Best IEMs Shure SE215 vs FiiO FH1 Comparison review

The excessive frequencies of the FiiO FH1 and the Shure SE215 are probably the most dramatic variations between the 2 IEMs– maybe due to the FH1’s balanced armature driver! In a basic sense, this distinction presents itself most audibly within the decrease treble. Proper the place the SE215 cuts a bunch of data proper round 6-7 kHz, the FH1 boosts. Consequently, the FH1 comes throughout rather more articulate than the SE215, whereas the SE215 comes throughout as far more heat. And whereas the SE215 boosts different areas of the highs, specifically within the higher octave, the FH1’s highs really feel louder general. Consequently, it has a pleasant sense of presence and element, however due to slightly little bit of a reduce within the higher treble, avoids sibilance and harshness.

Though the highs of the SE215 are quieter than the highs of the FH1, they appear somewhat bit smoother and extra even. The FH1’s highs aren’t radically uneven, however due to they method they’re formed, they restrict realism compared to the SE215.

For instance, once I was listening to the So Tender by Keith Jarrett, the excessive harmonics of the piano, the place the hammers hit, felt louder within the combine than regular with the FH1. Moreover, the assault of the cymbals sounded nearer within the area and a bit of bit thinner than regular.  Against this, the excessive harmonics of the piano and cymbals had much less emphasis however have been a bit bit extra even and lifelike sounding with the SE215.


FiiO FH1 vs Shure SE215 comparison review best IEMs

The soundstage of the FiiO FH1 and Shure SE215 had a way of similarity in regard to their nuance of directionality, however differed in really feel based mostly on their variations in frequency response. For instance, the FH1 had a extra dramatic sense of width as a result of wide-panned devices with excessive frequency info like cymbals, guitars, horns, and background vocals sat louder within the combine. Moreover, as a result of the FH1 had slightly bit high-mid power than the SE215, it had a bit of bit extra of a way of intimacy and closeness in regard to vocal illustration. Lastly, the FH1 had a extra dramatic sense of peak due to the sub emphasis and excessive frequency emphasis.

Against this, the SE215 had a higher sense of emphasis on room mics and reverbs due to the best way its midrange sat.

For instance, once I was listening to the track Lazarus by David Bowie, Bowie’s vocal sounded nearer in area with the FH1 than the SE215. Moreover, the distinction between the lows of the kick and the highs of horns, high-hats, and different cymbals sounded extra dramatic with the FH1. Nevertheless, when listening with the SE215, the room microphones of the area the place the drums and horns have been recorded sounded extra emphasised, and thus set the drums extra precisely again in area.


General, each the FiiO FH1 and the Shure SE215 are nice choices for these on the lookout for an reasonably priced pair of IEMs with a removable MMCX connector. They’re tremendous comparable in measurement and form, however differ of their sound signatures. In a basic sense, the SE215 has a hotter sound and the FH1 has a brighter, clearer sound. So if you would like an earphone with extra readability within the excessive finish, in addition to an choice to pay attention with a balanced cable, go together with the FH1. Nevertheless, if you need extra thickness and heat power, go together with the SE215.

The FiiO FH1 and the Shure SE215 can be found for one of the best worth right here:

FiiO FH1 at Audio46

FiiO FH1 on Amazon

Shure SE215 at Audio46

Shure SE215 on Amazon

Shure SE215 vs FiiO FH1 comparison review best affordable IEMs


FiiO FH1 Shure SE215
Drivers 1 dynamic, 1 Knowles balanced armature 1 dynamic
Impedance 26 ohms 17 ohms
Sensitivity 106 dB/mW 107 dB/mW
Frequency Response 20 Hz – 40 kHz 22 Hz – 17.5 kHz