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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – The Complete Zombies Compendium | Everything You Need To Know

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - The Complete Zombies Compendium | Everything You Need To Know

Black Ops four consists of 4 Zombies Mode maps proper at the beginning. That’s quadruple the traditional quantity of Zombies at launch, and making an attempt to know the ins-and-outs of all 4 maps is usually a fairly daunting prospect. That will help you navigate all of the protection for these expansive, difficult maps that’s out there on Gameranx, I’m breaking it down — map by map. Right here’s every thing you’ll want to know, multi functional place, for every map.

All of the maps share a couple of issues in widespread; there are Marvel Weapons to gather, a Pack-a-Punch improve machine to unlock, and much (and much) of Easter eggs to find. We’ve acquired all the things you should know. You possibly can leap to the person map you need to take a look at by clicking the hyperlinks within the Desk of Contents, or scroll down and hit that subsequent web page.

Naturally, there’s a ton of stuff to find on every map. We’d’ve missed a number of issues. If we did, tell us!

Desk of Contents:

Blood of the Lifeless – Full Map Overview


How To Flip On Energy

  • Energy Change #1: Situated within the Energy Home. It’s situated within the back-left nook from the outside door.
    • Ranging from Richtofen’s Laboratory Spawn, go to Mannequin Industries, then West Grounds, then the Energy Home.
  • Energy Change #2: Situated in Constructing 64.
    • Ranging from the West Grounds, go to the Catwalk, Recreation Yard, Cell Block Entrance, D-Block, C-D Road, Cell Block third Flooring, Michigan Avenue, Citadel, Citadel Tunnels, China Alley, and eventually Constructing 64.


How To Unlock Pack-a-Punch

Step #1: Construct The Defend

To unlock the Pack-a-Punch in “Blood of the Lifeless”, you’ll first have to construct the defend. To try this, you’ll want to gather three elements. Every half will spawn in one in every of three places, so verify all of the places listed under.

  • Half #1: Defend
    • Location #1: Citadel Tunnels – To the appropriate (or left) of the door within the spiral stairs resulting in China Alley. About midway up / down the steps.
    • Location #2: China Alley – Subsequent to a zombie spawn window. The window is a metallic fence overlaying a stairwell main down into the Citadel Tunnels.
    • Location #three: Citadel Tunnels – On the prime of the winding stairs, subsequent to the locked elevator cage.
  • Half #2: Afterlife Essence
    • Location #1: Library – Search for an afterlife field within the unique “Mob of the Lifeless” spawn room. The field will give a wierd glow if the essence could be collected.
    • Location #2: Occasions Sq. – On the wall, on the primary flooring.
    • Location #three: Michigan Avenue – Immediately beneath the “Michigan” signal.
  • Half #three: Warden Key
    • Drops from the Brutus Boss Zombie after activating each Energy switches.
    • Energy Switches are situated within the Energy Home and Constructing 64 in China Alley.

Now, merely construct the defend on a workbench!

Step #2: Drain Zombie Essence & Energy The Defend

With the defend constructed, equip it and use the secondary assault to shoot lightning from the Warden Key, which drains Zombie Essence and kills the goal. It takes a bit of little bit of time to kill, so hold shifting!

Drain the essence from 5 zombies (or extra) with the important thing till it begins to glow with a brilliant blue aura. This powers-up the defend, and allows you to switch a cost to energy issues across the map.

Step #three: Cost the Pack-a-Punch Machine

The Pack-a-Punch machine is situated on the Roof of the jail. Journey up there with the defend, and see the facility gauge to the appropriate of the disabled PaP machine.

  • How To Energy Up The PaP Machine:
    1. Cost the Soul Key by absorbing zombie essence with the Defend’s secondary assault till the important thing glows blue.
    2. Maintain [Left Trigger] to goal with the defend, then press [Right Trigger] to launch a Soul Blast with the charged key.
      • The Soul Blast will cost disabled energy gauges across the map.
    3. Use Soul Blast on the disabled energy gauge to the best of the PaP Machine to activate it.

And that’s it! The Pack-a-Punch will cost up, permitting you to drop weapons into the machine for five,000 factors.

  • NOTE: The Pack-a-Punch strikes each few rounds. After unlocking the Pack-a-Punch, it should teleport to a brand new location after a number of rounds cross. The Pack-a-Punch can seem in:
    • Pap #1: Roof
    • Pap #2: Constructing 64 (East Aspect Energy Change)
    • Pap #three: Energy Home (West Aspect Energy Change)


How To Get The Hell’s Retriever 

This can be a returning Easter egg from the unique “Mob of the Lifeless” map. Identical to in that earlier map, you possibly can feed zombie souls to 3 infernal, hellish canine heads. Discover the Cerberus heads, then kill zombies close to them. You’ll want “feed” about 10~ zombies to every Cerberus.

  • Cerberus Head #1: New Industries – Within the nook with the picket desk.
  • Cerberus Head #2: Cell Block 2nd Flooring – Floating behind the metallic railings.
  • Cerberus Head #three: Eagle Plaza – Above the window on the constructing, outdoors the Warden’s Workplace.

After feeding the Cerberus heads and making all three disappear, merely use one of many transport grates to fast-travel by means of the depths of the jail. Use the fast-travel grate within the Showers / Warden’s Home. Whereas travelling, you’ll spot the Hell’s Retriever Tomahawk as you glide. Seize it as you move!

How To Get The Hell’s Redeemer | Upgraded Hell’s Retriever

Step #1: Throw The Hell’s Retriever At The Spectral Picture

To finish this step, you’ll want the Spectral Defend. Maintain [LT / L2] to purpose and look by means of your defend. You’ll be capable of see glowing blue objects you couldn’t see earlier than utilizing the Spectral Defend’s Afterlife Imaginative and prescient.

  • Get zombie kills with the Hell’s Retriever within the Recreation Yard till the weapon begins to glow blue. After that, the Spectral Picture will spawn.

Get sufficient kills with the Hell’s Retriever, and the Spectral Picture will spawn in one among six places. Use the Spectral Defend (aim-down-sights) to look and discover this picture.

  • Spectral Picture Places:
    • Recreation Yard: From the catwalk, cease if you flip left to cross the yard bridge. The picture might seem on the concrete wall to the correct, previous the barbed wire.
    • Recreation Yard: From the bridge within the middle of the Recreation Yard, verify the rocks on the trail to the Jail Entrance.
    • Citadel: Via the window with the twisted metallic fence, with the hanging lifeless our bodies.
    • Citadel: To the fitting, via the cracked wall the place the three demon canine photographs seem.
    • Eagle Cross: On the jail wall, above the Warden’s Workplace.
    • Eagle Move: Within the cracked floor out-of-map, close to the jutting pipe.

As soon as you discover the Spectral Picture, throw the Hell’s Retriever at it’s location. It’ll flash yellow, and take away the Hell’s Retriever out of your stock.

Step #2: Summon The Hell’s Redeemer

To summon the Hell’s Redeemer, wait till you attain a particular Zombie Canine spherical. When solely undead canine are spawning, use the charged Spectral Defend to Spectral Blast the Warden’s Workplace desk.

The Hell’s Redeemer will then spawn again at its unique location. Use the Warden’s Home-To-Showers fast-travel metallic grate and gather it.


How To Improve The Spectral Defend

[NOTE: The Spectral Shield upgrade can only be acquired in CLASSIC MODE.]

To improve the Spectral Defend, it is advisable to discover the three defend elements and purchase the Hell’s Retriever. Whenever you’ve obtained all the things you want — examine the hyperlinks above for extra particulars — you will get the upgraded Defend.

  • Defend Improve: To improve your defend, discover a Thriller Field.
    • Buy random rolls from the Thriller Field till a lock image seems.
    • When the lock seems, zap the lock with the Spectral Defend key.
    • The important thing will glow blue and begin to spin. Throw the Hell’s Retriever (or Redeemer) on the lock.
    • The lock can be collected and added to your Spectral Defend.


How To Get A Free Blundergat

Discover all 5 skulls, and the Blundergat will spawn on the desk within the Warden’s Workplace.

  • Spectral Cranium Places:
    • Cranium #1: C-D Road – Inside a cell, throughout from the Library door.
    • Cranium #2: Eagle Plaza – On prime one of many utility poles
    • Cranium #three: Docks – On one of many picket dock poles within the water.
    • Cranium #four: West Grounds – On the steps, on a touchdown with a door, to the appropriate when dealing with the door to the spawn constructing.
    • Cranium #5: Roof – On the appropriate aspect.


Acid Gat – Package Elements Places

  • Half #1: Transverse Tunnel – Discovered on the bottom within the tunnel linking New Industries to the Energy Home.
  • Half #2: Sally Port – Discovered within the sideroom on the trail to the Warden’s Workplace space. Requires the Warden’s Key to unlock the metallic gate.
    • To get the Warden’s Key, activate each Energy Switches to summon Brutus. Defeat him, and also you’ll be capable of gather the Warden’s Key from his physique.
  • Half #three: Infirmary – In a locked cupboard within the nook of the Infirmary. As soon as once more, you’ll want the Warden’s Key to unlock the cupboard and gather the glowing inexperienced container.

The Acidgat is a extra highly effective Blundergat that provides acid injury to all photographs, burning zombies over time. You’ll be able to proceed to improve the Acidgat, too!

  • Vitriolic Withering (Acidgat Improve): Pack-a-Punch the Acidgat to create a PaP’d model of the Marvel Weapon.

How To Get The Magmagat 

After constructing the Acidgat, you’ll be able to improve the weapon once more and switch it into the Magmagat. First, you’ll have to create the Vitriolic Withering. Place the Acidgat right into a Pack-a-Punch machine to get it. Straightforward.

Go to the fireside within the Warden’s Home (back-right room, first flooring) and place the Vitriolic Withering within the hearth. Kill zombies to cost the blue skulls that seem over the fireside. Get kills close to the fireside till all three skulls mild up with blue hearth.

That is when issues get tough. Acquire the Acidgat from the fireside, and also you’ll see that it’s now Tempered. The weapon glows blue, however it is going to solely stay this manner for a restricted time. It’s essential to journey to New Industries — and you could hold the blue hearth on the Acidgat burning. To do that, contact the Tempered Blundergat to burning blue hearth barrels on the best way to New Industries. Comply with this route.

  • Blood of the Lifeless Route – Warden’s Workplace to New Industries
    • Warden’s Home
    • Eagle Plaza (Blue Barrel)
    • Warden’s Workplace
    • Administration
    • Sally Port
    • Michigan Avenue (Blue Barrel)
    • Occasions Sq. (Blue Barrel)
    • Cell Block Entrance
    • Recreation Yard (Blue Barrel)
    • Catwalk
    • West Grounds (Blue Barrel)
    • New Industries

When you attain New Industries, positioned the Tempered Blundergat into the huge inexperienced press. After a number of moments, blue ghosts will seem and lightweight the positioned weapon on hearth, turning the weapon into the Magmagat, the last word model of this Marvel Weapon.


How To Get The Spoon / Gold Spork

Step #1: Getting The Spoon

Earlier than you will get the Gold Spork, you’ll have to get the Warden’s Key. This drops from Brutus, the boss zombie that spawns after flipping each energy switches. You’ll additionally have to construct the Defend, which is required for the Pack-a-Punch. You’ll additionally want to accumulate the Hell’s Retriever, and the Acidgat.

Examine the listing of guides within the glossary above to discover ways to construct the Defendget the Acidgat and get the Hell’s Retriever tomahawk.

When you’ve received the Warden’s Key and the Defend, you possibly can start looking for the Spork.

  1. Go to the Warden’s Workplace and equip the Defend. Goal-down-sights with the Defend to see three glowing numbers that seem on three papers on the wall.
    • Stand close to the perk machine within the workplace, and look to the other wall. You’ll see two numbers (solely seen whereas ADS with the Defend) on the pillars, and one quantity on the other wall. The numbers that seem listed here are random.
    • There could also be a number of places the place these numbers seem. Verify again quickly for brand spanking new updates displaying all of the quantity places.
  2. Journey right down to the underside of the Citadel Tunnels and discover the locked field with numbers. Unlock the cage with the Warden’s Key, then enter the key numbers into the locked field on the backside.
    • To activate the quantity pads, use a charged Spirit Blast out of your Defend to energise the pads. Work together with the pads to enter every quantity.
  3. Enter the code appropriately, and the cage on the prime of the Citadel Tunnels will collapse and fall into the water under.
  4. Go to the Docks and cost the electrical energy gauge above the water with an Spirit Blast out of your Defend.
    • That causes a crane to maneuver above the gauge. Throw the Hell’s Retriever on the skeleton hanging inside the web to trigger the Spoon to drop onto the crate under.

Now, anybody in your workforce can gather the Spoon at any time. It replaces your melee weapon.

Step #2: Getting The Gold Spork

For the subsequent step, you’ll want the Acidgat and the Hell’s Retriever. Scroll up for hyperlinks explaining easy methods to get the Acidgat.

  1. Place the Spoon within the tub tub, within the second room on the appropriate as you enter the Infirmary.
    • Maintain [Interact] on the bathtub, and also you’ll place your Spoon.
  2. Subsequent, go to the Roof and earn kills with the AcidgatVitriolic Withering, or Magmagat. The extra kills you get, the extra blood will fill the bathtub tub within the Infirmary.
    • Proceed to get kills on the Roof with any of the upgraded Blundergats till the bathtub is totally full.
  3. When the bathtub is full, maintain [Interact] to empty it. The blood will pour out, and the Spoon might be gone.
  4. Subsequent, journey to the center part of the Catwalk the place you might have a very good view of the underside of the water tower.
    • Throw the Hell’s Retriever on the center pipe on the backside of the tower, the place it meets the bottom. If the tomahawk lands in simply the proper spot, it should come again with the Gold Spork.

And that’s it! You now have the Gold Spork. This insanely highly effective melee weapon kills zombies into Spherical 30 with a single hit. That’s going to be very useful if you wish to full Easter egg steps with associates.

Easter Egg Track

As an alternative of discovering objects, you simply have to enter a quantity within the Citadel Tunnels. Enter the tunnels, on the backside you’ll discover a locked cage with numbers.

Use the Warden’s Key to unlock the cage (dropped from the Brutus zombie boss) and the charged Spectral Defend Spectral Blast to power-up the numbers. Now, work together with every quantity to vary it.

  • Quantity Inputter Easter Egg:
    • Enter 1-1-5 into the three numbers on the backside of the Citadel Tunnels to activate the key music.


Jumpscare Easter Egg

To checkout the Shadowman in a quick jumpscare second, you’ll want to succeed in the Recreation Yard.

  • Location: Recreation Yard – As you exit the Catwalk and attain the Recreation Yard, purpose your Sniper Rifle scope to the left, on the cracked wall. There’s a brown home with a darkish window behind the damaged wall. Purpose on the darkish window, and the Shadowman will seem.