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Best Minecraft Xbox One Seeds

Best Minecraft Seeds for Xbox One

Best Minecraft Seeds for Xbox One

[Updated: December 2018 — Added new Minecraft seeds for the latest update.]

No totally different from its last-gen variations, Minecraft’s world era is randomly generated based mostly on “seeds”. It’s an virtually limitless recreation world based mostly on intricate algorithms. By default, the sport grabs the present system time as the essential enter for the beginning values of a world and runs with that. Nevertheless these seeds could be influenced, they are often copied and pasted into Minecraft’s underlying code, and thus renders the gamers capable of go and recreate worlds. 

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Minecraft boards, wikis and communities out on the internet have began amassing a few of the greatest and most fascinating seeds that the sport has to supply on the Xbox One. We’ve determined to gather a number of the seeds and current them to you so you need to use them to create a shocking world in Minecraft, do you have to select.

The next number of seeds is only a small pattern of the numerous worlds that the sport can create on Minecraft for the Xbox One. With over 380 trillion distinctive and totally different worlds, the chances are countless.

Extra Minecraft Seeds on Gameranx:

Greatest Minecraft Xbox One Seeds
[NOTE: To enter a seed, input the BOLDED seed titles listed below into the Seed Generator.]

CU57 Seeds


Use a big map measurement and biome scale. You’ll discover that this seed could have two woodland mansions and a village close to spawn. Likewise, in the event you discover outwards you’ll come throughout ocean monuments, desert temples, a blacksmith village, and rather more. Under are a number of coordinates it would be best to maintain monitor of. When you’re wanting much more coordinates then take a look at the supply proper right here.

Woodland Mansions

  • -230, 74, 107
  • -383, 71, -78


  • -251, 68, 246
  • -193, 76, 1156
  • -1355, 70, 690
  • 378, 72, -1292

Desert Temples

  • -934, 66, 810
  • -966, 66, 1098

Ocean Monuments

  • -1768, 62, 774
  • -1769, 62, 390
  • -2391, 62, -423


That is undoubtedly a neat little seed because it comes with three villages that spawned alongside a river which signifies that there could possibly be a very good potential to bunker down and collect assets throughout survival modes or you possibly can hyperlink the villages up and make a fortress. Take a look at the supply to this seed proper right here.


  • 181,65, 756
  • 309,65,724
  • 53, 65,804


Right here’s a seed that’s simply crammed with villages and desert temples which might make for some nice newbie survival runs or in the event you’re simply trying to get artistic with the a number of villages. Likewise, the villages are comparatively close to one another so that you gained’t should enterprise too far off for those who’re in want of a fast protected haven and even some assets. A full listing of coordinates may be discovered proper right here.


  • X50 Y73 Z279
  • X-413 Y86 Z322
  • X-183 Y80 Z140
  • X-502 Y74 Z-148
  • X-495 Y77 Z-382

Desert Temples

  • X114 Y77 Z354
  • X-254 Y78 Z290
  • X-446 Y79 Z34
  • X-218 Y83 Z-404

CU36 Seeds


Load up on treasure with this insane seed, crammed with over 200+ diamonds, 30+ emeralds, and two villages proper the place you spawn. Take a look at the entire record of coordinates proper right here, there’s means an excessive amount of to suit into one entry. Should you’re in search of a well-documented seed, this can be a good spot to start out.


Need a enjoyable survival map? Right here’s a tiny grassy island with a related water village. There’s a Blacksmith store hooked up, so that you’ll have the ability to begin smelting immediately. Beneath the island, you’ll discover countless deep caverns to discover and loot to maintain your village going robust.


Begin proper subsequent to a Jungle Village and a Jungle Temple on this overgrown seed filled with treasure and pumpkin patches. Listed here are just some coordinates you’ll need to discover. Coordinates and seed shared by CraftyMinecraft on the Minecraft boards.

  • Ocean Monument: X:311 Y:62 Z:201
  • Deserted Mineshaft: X:624 Y:40 Z:7
  • Minecart Chest: X:616 Y:40 Z:9, X:580 Y:27 Z:92
  • Pumpkin Patch: X:-85 Y:71 Z:432, X:-288 Y:66 Z:-404
  • Witch Hut: X:707 Y:66 Z:-278
  • Skeleton Mob Spawner: X:821 Y:64 Z:1119


Set your map measurement to Giant and spawn proper at a village, with a lot of goodies within the surrounding areas. There are igloos with basements (with underground diamonds!), tiny cities with blacksmiths, libraries, an Finish Portal… principally loads of every little thing. Right here’s a shortlist of every little thing value testing:

  • Blacksmith / Desert Temple: X:599 Y:69 Z:-689
  • Village w/Blacksmith: X:753 Y:65 Z:516
  • Igloo w/basement: X:-171 Y:72 Z:1176
  • Igloo w/basement + 7 Diamonds: X:-174 Y:eight Z:1179
  • Mushroom Island: X:-103 Y:65 Z:-359
  • Witch Hut: X:1556 Y:67 Z:260, X:-668 Y:73 Z:-313
  • Pumpkin Patch: X:-389 Y:69 Z:-59, X:-365 Y:67 Z:736
  • Finish Portal: X:-950 Y:44 Z:-87
  • Stronghold Chests: X:-943 Y:45 Z:-89, X:-925 Y:43 Z:-81, X:-920 Y:36 Z:-102. X:-948 Y:43 Z:-105
  • Stronghold Libraries: X:-939 Y:42 Z:-112, X:-924 Y:42 Z:-105
  • Filth Room w/2 Diamonds: X:-920 Y:12 Z:-54

Discover much more places right here.


A compact Desert biome with three (Three) Temples, (four) Villages all inside 300 blocks. They’re arduous to overlook once they’re so shut collectively, supplying you with loads of early places to cease and discover proper whenever you begin a brand new seed.


Set your map measurement to Basic to gather loads of Diamons, get to an Finish Portal, battle by means of Zombie Dungeons and discover one of many new Igloos with an hooked up basement. You’ll spawn in a Taiga biome village, and every part else is at these coordinates:

  • Igloo w/Basement: X:-299 Y:292 Z:66
  • Mineshafts: X:-216 Y:156 Z:-391
  • Zombie Dungeons: X:-27 Y:-230 Z:55 / X:-65 Y:-165 Z:33
  • Stronghold w/Finish Portal: X:135 Y:64 Z:41
  • Diamonds: X:-78 Y:-125 Z:-140 / X:-117 Y:14 205 Z:-19 11
  • Minecart Chests: X:-152 Y:116 Z:25 / X:-230 Y:130 Z:29


Spawns you proper subsequent to a Mesa biome, and there’s an Ocean Monument simply offshore. That’ll offer you an early supply of gold to loot.


Diamonds, diamonds, and extra diamonds. This seed options over 70+ diamonds with (comparatively) shut proximity to your spawn location. Right here’s a brief record of coordinates to assist get you began. Coordinates and seed found by Youtuber Skrausy.

  • Diamonds Places:
    • x: 179 y: 12 z: 274 (x8)
    • x: 168 y: 15 z: 281 (x2)
    • x: 184 y: 14 z: 240 (x2)
    • x: 176 y: 14 z: 223 (x4)
    • x: 130 y: 12 z: 248 (x8)
    • x: -412 y: 14 z: 376 (x1)
    • x: 91 y: 15 z: -22 (x6)
    • x: 389 y: 12 z: -217 (x3)
    • x: 261 y: 11 z: -313 (x6)
    • x: 106 y: 13 z: 240 (x5)
    • x: 147 y: 13 z: 142 (x2)
    • x: 137 y: 14 z: 73 (x4)
    • x: 64 y: four z: 69 (x3)
    • x: -Three y: 13 z: 142 (x2)
    • x: 22 y: 12 z: 249 (x8)


Enter the Finish fast with a portal (with silverfish spawner) at x:247 y:34 z:-68 — there’s additionally a Witch Hut at x:-973 y:61 z:1125. That’s an extended journey from spawn, however nonetheless a worthwhile landmark.


Set the map measurement to Basic to take pleasure in a village at spawn, together with 5 extra close by villages within the space. Only a easy seed with every little thing a console MC participant might want to get began safely. Quick access to a river subsequent to the village and a desert biome, so there ought to be loads of sugarcane to domesticate.

CU33 Seeds


Take pleasure in Ice Spikes at Spawn, three close by villages, two clear monuments, and a close-by desert temple. The Ice Spikes biome additionally has an igloo — and digging down on the desert temple, you’re sure to seek out fossils.


This seed gives an island good for any survival mode playthrough. There’s plenty of timber and even a village close to the spawn level.


This seed will spawn you immediately inside a village. There are 4 close by farms with wheat, carrots, potatoes and beetroot. Cows, timber, sheep, chickens, reeds and squid can be discovered close by for fast harvesting. Villagers may be discovered inside a couple of hundred yards.


This seed incorporates an acasia village and 4 desert temples.


If you spawn, dig straight down and also you’ll ultimately arrive in a hole cave. Hold digging till you discover yet one more cave beneath the earth. Don’t dig down any additional. As an alternative, discover the cave and also you’ll discover redstone, lapis lazuli and iron ore. There are uncovered diamonds inside, as nicely.

CU32 Seeds


This seed provides plenty of land for constructing bigger buildings into and round its setting. It options a whole lot of mountains with flat tops and flatlands typically. The seed additionally accommodates many islands which are interconnected in addition to particular person islands set farther aside. The stronghold close to the spawn incorporates lots of mineshafts, ravines, and even a couple of villages.


This seed incorporates very giant biomes, an underwater stronghold and even a flooded village. You’ll need to transfer round fairly a bit on this world as a result of every little thing’s unfold out. It’s a implausible seed in case you’re in search of a problem.

Greatest Minecraft Seed Ever

Just like the identify suggests, this seed options an exquisite view on prime of mountains close to the spawn and you’ve got loads of assets to select from. The biomes close by embrace desert, jungle, and loads of plenty of timber. There’s even a swamp.

CU23 Seeds


This seed will spawn you on a tiny island. Stroll across the fringe of the island and watch for the chunks to load. As soon as they do, you’ll discover the monument—it must be on the other finish of wherever the sugar cane progress occurs to be.


Right here’s a very odd seed, in that it has a bunch of various biomes grouped intently collectively and a snow biome surrounding a jungle biome. There’s additionally an virtually completely formed gap that resembles a crater, and villagers who reside inside caves. Anticipate random holes within the floor and a number of animal spawns.


This seed incorporates a village with a blacksmith near the spawn. There are 4 different close by villages to go to.


An ideal seed with a village and water temple near the spawn. Places are as follows:

X:325 Y:70 Z:374
Water temple
X:39 Y:63 Z:-296

CU20 Seeds

villageruin (-198441644)
This seed begins with solely a single village and a blacksmith on the spawn space, however is surrounded by forest biomes. Taiga, mega, roofed forest and birch are all current. The blacksmith is situated by an unimaginable plateau.

bigworldcivilization (-1278732637)
This seed is surrounded by savanna, roofed forest, and birch forest biomes. It accommodates three villages and three blacksmiths on the beginning spawn.

A relatively watery biome, the spawn gives two ocean monuments and is suffering from islands.

Fancy a trek right into a jungle temple? Then this seed is for you. The spawn presents a jungle plains hybrid biome with 2 villages, the place you’ll find a blacksmith, church, and libraries. There’s numerous savanna, roofed forest, and taiga.

This watery world has two islands at its spawn. On the japanese island, you’ll discover a mixture of mesa and mooshroom biome. The opposite island is filled with taiga, together with mega, and a few chilly plains.

A extra terrestrial seed than a lot of the others on this record, gamers can discover giant landmasses separated by rivers and rolling hills. There lies an ocean with a monument in the direction of the northeastern path from the spawn, and a witch’s hut by the northwest.

CU15 Seeds

For all of the newly added seeds on this record, we advocate beginning the world measurement in Basic.

Seed: -1117816657125390683

This seed has been round since TU19, however like many different seeds on this listing, it really works on the newest model of the sport. There are villages, temples, witch huts, dungeons, and a ton of diamonds on this one (supply: MinecraftForums) .

Villages (* signifies blacksmith chest)

X:-321, Z:138*

X:-205, Z:1343

X:-2528, Z:1570* (This village is comically small)

X:-2231, Z:1134*

X:1263, Z:1635

Desert Temples

X:-406, Z:298 (2x Diamond horse armor, 6x Diamonds, 3x Emeralds, 3x Iron, 2x Gold)

X:-294, Z:1146 (1x Diamond horse armor, 1x Iron horse armor.)

X:-2357, Z:1562 (1x Gold horse armor)

X:331, Z-198 (Discovered by Nemocidal)

Jungle Temples

X:89, Z:1398 (x1 Safety III, x2 Diamonds)

X:-1385, Z:2214 (x11 Gold ingots)

X: -2394, Z:2152 (x1 Fortune I, x3 diamonds, x1 saddle)

X:-953, Z:693 (x2 saddles)

X:-489, Z:773 (x3 Emeralds, x5 Gold)

X:145, Z:22 (Discovered by Nemocidal)

Witch Huts

X:-895, Z:2102

X:-1821, Z:51

X;-428, Z:-1202

Library: X:-484, Y:35, Z:-1202 (Discovered by Nemocidal)

The Finish Portal: X: -444, Y:28, Z:-864 (Discovered By MsLilMeow)

Spider Dungeons

X:-151, Y:56, Z:198 (x1 Iron Horse Armor, x1 Projectile Safety IV)

X-382 Y:57 Z:1167 (x1 Iron Horse Armor, x2 Saddles)

Zombie Dungeons

X:-235, Y:41, Z:148 (x2 Saddles, x1 Identify Tag)

X:-355, Y:13, Z:125 (x1 Saddle)

X:-338, Y:57, Z:100 (x1 Saddle)

X:2438 Y:57 Z:-1506 (x2 music discs)

X:-408 Y:56 Z:953 (x1 Iron Horse Armor)

X:16 Y:58: Z:282 (x2 Identify Tags, x2 Saddles)

Skeleton Dungeons

X;-248, Y:24, Z:328 (x1 Gold horse armor, x1 Iron horse armor, x1 Identify tag)


X:573 Y:43 Z:-614

Diamonds (100+)

X;-387 Y:12 Z:88 (6)

X:-471 Y:13 Z:84 (four)

X:-606 Y:10 Z:86 (6)

X:-666 Y:12 Z:71 (four)

X: 221 Y:17 Z:272 (2)

X:-288 Y:12 Z:122 (four)

X:-232 Y:11 Z:317 (5)

X:-170 Y:14 Z:188 (four)

X:-369 Y:7 Z:139 (5)

X:-405 Y:7 Z:133 (6)

X:-319 Y:5 Z:117 (6)

X:-355 Y:7 Z:126 (6)

X:-333 Y:6 Z:125 (eight)

X:-343 Y:eight Z:127 (Three)

X:-68 Y:13 Z:224 (5)

X:261 Y:12 Z:-1045 (5)

X:239 Y:12 Z:-1089 (Three)

X:221 Y:12 Z:-1093 (5)

X:212 Y:13 Z:-1122 (5)

X:580 Y:12 Z:-603 (5)

X:212 Y:13 Z:-1122 (5)

X:1540 Y:13 Z:863 (5)

X:1558 Y:13 Z:-881 (2)

Seed: 671954723

This seed is loaded with a ton of diamonds and NPC villages so that you’ll all the time have one thing to do.

Diamond Spot # 1: X: -96 Y: 12 Z: 178

Diamond Spot # 2: X: -77 Y: 13 Z: 209

Diamond Spot # Three: X: -139 Y: 14 Z: 48

Diamond Spot # four: X: -198 Y: 15 Z: 46

Diamond Spot # 5: X: -198 Y: 14 Z: -142

Diamond Spot # 6: X: -126 Y: 14 Z: -250

Diamond Spot # 7: X: -116 Y: 14 Z: -76

Diamond Spot # eight: X: -62 Y: 14 Z: -94

NPC Village #1 X: 296 Y: 72 Z: 309

NPC Village #2 X: -276 Y: 73 Z: -173

NPC Village #Three X: 121 Y: 71 Z: 73

NPC Village #four X: 346 Y: 70 Z: 102

Finish Portal: X: 102 Y: 26 Z: 42

Library: X: 158 Y: 37 Z: 13

Library: X: 142 Y: 35 Z:-9

Mineshaft: X: -291 Y: 39 Z: 307

Sand Temple: X:-403 Y: 69 Z: 11

Mob Spawner: X: -203 Y: 14 Z: -97

Seed: 89804430532978560

This specific seed is completely empty of timber, with little or no landmass within the type of islands. An fascinating map for those who’re enjoying in Survival mode.

Seed: Theycallmediamonds29

This seed spawns the participant in a location with four villages, a desert and jungle temple, a witch hut, a stronghold library, and endroom. There are tons of diamonds inside this seed on the following coordinates:

381, 12, 339 (four)

381, 13, 347 (6)

163, four, 62 (four)

163, 12, 218 (eight)

149, 13, 109 (four)

144, 14, 162 (four)

159, 9, 96 (5)

159, eight, 178 (four)

159, eight, 194 (5)

141, eight, 102 (four)

142, 10, 122 (eight)

160, four, 75 (2)

-154, 12, 130 (6)

-45, 15, 26 (four)

-110, 13, 114, (four)

-124, 12, 74 (6)

-125, 12, 45 (6)

-132, 14, 111 (10)

111, four, 163 (four)

6, 7, 223 (6)

Earlier Seeds

Seed: -8552911835434547704

This Minecraft seed spawns gamers in a ravine that accommodates numerous coal and a few iron. There’s a bit village by the spawn and a temple containing diamond horse armor and  plenty of gems.

Seed: -4344622374139120669

This seed incorporates three temples and a desert village alongside an entire bunch of diamonds. Listed here are the coordinates you’ll have to get to their places:

Jungle Temple: X: 137 Y: 79 Z: -203

Desert Temple: X: 298 Y: 75 Z: -262

Jungle Temple X: -858 Y: 90 Z: -1433

Seed: -7447279659038168196

This seed provides you a bunch of emeralds firstly and a vilage with a saddle to tame a horse proper on the very begin.

Seed: -590576960

This seed accommodates four golden apples, a triple spawner (11 complete mob spawners), and diamonds on the spawn.


-151; 68; 86

9; 67; 96


1; 60; 48 Spider

211; 61; -126 Skeleton

Three; 23; -367 Zombie

zero; 17; -367 Zombie

-6; 18; -371 Spider

381; 41; 379 Zombie

400; 41; 367 Zombie:

-177; 49; 207 spider

-33; 29; -106

Stronghold: 15; 34; 38

Nether Chest:

65; 58; 59: 1 diamond, 1 golden horse armor

30; 51; 87: 2 iron ingots, 1 saddle, 1 golden sword

85; 51; 89: Three golden ingots, 1 saddle, 1 golden horse armor

30; 51; 104: 2 diamonds, 1 diamond horse armor, 1 saddle, 2 golden ingots

15; 58; 54: 2 saddles, 1 golden

Older seeds

Seed: 5846359029418317794

This seed provides an entire lot of temples and villages close to its spawn. 

Seed: 1480205470

You spawn in a desert shut to 2 mob spawners. The panorama itself earns itself a spot on this listing, as there are steep hills you possibly can construct your fortress (or home) into. There’s additionally a village close by with a blacksmith. 

Seed: -198666536

This seed is populated by numerous desert temples and villages. Listed here are the locations you possibly can go to seek out them:

Desert temple places:

x -838 y 86 z 966

x -476 y 82 z -1008

x -439 y 93 z -1246

x 104 y 77 z -1462

x 843 y 84 z -1918

x -441 y 102 z -1252

Village places:

x-1137 y 86 z 966

x-321 y 79 z -842

x -439 y 93 z -1246

x 10 y 94 z -1382

x 656 y77 z -1927

x-441 y 102 z -1252

Seed: -1460420969

You spawn proper on a village that’ll permit you to survive the night time fairly simply. This can be a well-liked seed as a result of it’s wealthy with diamonds. 

Seed: -8100593880228775311

This seed spawns you in a snow biome and is filled with temples and villages.

Seed: -7492801512473941435

You’ll spawn very near a village. In the event you cross the ocean on the spawn you’ll encounter a mushroom biome crammed with mooshrooms. There’s additionally a temple inside a village close by.

Seed: -5825474964779901595 

This seed begins you subsequent to a properly developed village on the foot of a mountain formation resulting in a canyon. There are many caves to discover.

Seed: 1985806082

This seed spawns you proper subsequent to a village that’s solely a brief distance away from a sand temple. For those who deactivate the TNT on the backside and dig out you’ll discover a large underground cavern with ore.