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Best IEMs for $300 – Campfire IO vs Final Audio E5000 vs FiiO FH5

Best IEMs for $300 - Campfire IO vs Final Audio E5000 vs FiiO FH5

This week, somebody requested me what’s the greatest IEM for $300 or much less. The query started to hang-out me as a result of there are a number of choices on this worth level. Nevertheless, after some meditation on the thought, I used to be capable of slender it down to 3 IEMs. However out of my favorites, which one is best for you? Let’s take a better look with this Greatest IEMs for $300 – Campfire IO vs Last Audio E5000 vs Fiio FH5 Comparability Evaluate.

Campfire IO vs Last Audio E5000 vs Fiio FH5 Comparability Evaluation


Look and Really feel

Whereas the Campfire IO, the Last Audio E5000, and the FiiO FH5 all have distinctive appears, all three are lovely and fashionable wanting.

On one hand, the IO sports activities a garnet-red anodized end and is probably the most colourful of the three. Its driver housings are very similar to the opposite IEM fashions within the Campfire Audio lineup. Its medium/giant measurement has a geometrical, mechanical feeling to its form. Consequently, it contrasts from the flowy look of the FH5 and the simplicity of the E5000.  It’s manufactured from machined aluminum and has a stainless-steel nozzle which flares out from its physique. Moreover, it has a way of weight within the hand and an actual feeling of power. In consequence, it feels top quality.

Subsequent, the Last Audio E5000 has a reflective, chrome steel driver housing. Its bullet form feels minimalistic. With such a small profile, it stands aside from the largeness of the IO and the FH5. Just like the IO, it has a way of weight and sturdiness. Nevertheless, its small measurement makes it really feel someway extra manageable than the IO and the FH5.

Lastly, the FiiO FH5 feels mild within the hand, but nonetheless feels sturdy. Its physique is product of aluminum-magnesium alloy, which contributes to its lightness and power. As for measurement, it’s just like the IO. Nevertheless, quite than a sq. and geometrical form, is appears flowy and clean. It sports activities a blueish-grayish colour with a silver accent, exuding an fascinating combination of maturity and enjoyable.

Consolation and Match

I’ll preface this part by saying I’ve comparatively small ears. That stated, I used to be capable of finding a strong seal with all three IEMs.

Nevertheless, the FiiO FH5 match quickest and best in my ears. The form of its driver housing labored seamlessly with my ears. Moreover, the tightness of the cable’s earhook helped them really feel safe. They felt snug regardless of a bit little bit of coldness upon first placing them in my ear.

Equally, the Campfire Audio IO had a pleasant tight earhook which secured them in my ears. Nevertheless, as a consequence of its heavier weight and extra angular form, the match relied extra closely on the tip’s seal in my ear canal. Consequently, it took extra effort to discover a good match. That stated, as soon as I achieved a pleasant seal, the IO felt safe and cozy in my ears. Just like the FH5, it was just a little chilly at first, however warmed up after a minute.

Lastly, the Remaining Audio E5000 match calmly and comfortably. Just like the IO, it relied closely on the match of the eartip within the ear canal. Its package deal comes with removable ear hooks on the cable, and I discovered the hook-behind-the-ear technique of becoming to be greatest for me. As a result of it was so light-weight and small, it was tremendous snug, and even when the cable was hanging straight down, I didn’t really feel gravity making an attempt to tug them out of my ears.


The cables which are included with the Campfire IO, the Ultimate Audio E5000 and the FiiO FH5 are removable and hook up with their IEMs by way of MMCX connectors. Every are 1.2 m lengthy. Moreover, all of them terminate to unbalanced three.5 mm connectors.

The cable of the Campfire Audio IO is probably the most manageable of the three. It’s a silver-plated copper litz cable with individually insulated conductors. Braided loosely compared to the others, it has a pliable, smokey jacket. In consequence, it wraps up simply and avoids tangles. Moreover, its connectors are made from a bendable plastic however really feel robust and wellmade.

Subsequent, the cable of the FiiO FH5, just like the IO, is made from silver-plated copper. Every earphone has two conductors which are braided collectively, however are insulated in the identical clear, TPU sheath. Consequently, the cable feels stiffer than the cable of the IO. Subsequently, it wraps rather less simply and  neatly. Moreover, in contrast to the cable of the IO, the separate left and proper conductors don’t braide with one another as soon as they meet within the center. They run alongside one another in a straight line. That stated, the connectors of the FH5’s cable are manufactured from aluminum. They really feel robust and sturdy, and have a heftiness that the opposite two cables don’t fairly have.

Lastly, the cable of the Ultimate Audio E5000 is straightforward and fashionable wanting. It’s thinner than each the opposite cables. Equally to the FH5, each earphones have two conductors that are braided collectively after which wrapped collectively in the identical jacket. The jacket is product of PVC. In consequence, the cable is a bit inflexible compared to the IO. That stated, as soon as the left and proper conductors meet, the 2 jackets braid collectively till their termination level on the three.5 mm connector.  


The Campfire Audio IO, Ultimate Audio E5000, and FiiO FH5 have totally different driver designs. The IO has strictly balanced armature, the E5000 has strictly dynamic, and the FH5 makes use of a hybrid design.

Contained in the Campfire Audio IO are two balanced armature drivers. The primary is a bigger B.A. and is used as a woofer. The opposite is smaller and is used as a tweeter. Collectively, they make the most of Campfire’s T.A.E.C. (tuned acoustic enlargement chamber).

Subsequent, the Remaining Audio E5000 has only one 6.four mm dynamic driver. It has a small aperture, which makes it capable of seize exact element in line with Ultimate Audio. It really works along with an internal acoustic chamber which tunes the sound and offers balanced between readability and thickness.

Lastly, the FiiO FH5, has one 10 mm  dynamic driver devoted to the low frequencies, one balanced armature driver devoted to the center frequencies and two extra balanced armature drivers devoted to the excessive and extremely excessive frequencies. Collectively, they work with FiiO’s S.Turbo acoustic design which filters out resonances and supplies a pleasant huge bass in line with FiiO.


Low Frequencies

Among the many Campfire IO, the Ultimate Audio E5000 and the FiiO FH5, the E5000 has the most important bass response. It has an emphasised, deep, subbiness that the opposite IEMs don’t have. In consequence, it feels dimensional and lengthy within the lows which offers impression to mixes that use low frequencies for emotional motion. In consequence, low-frequency wealthy devices really feel robust and grounded. They’ve a way of thickness and foundational help that has an aesthetically pleasing sense of heat. That stated, the E5000’s low finish feels pillowy, whereas the lows of the IO and the FH5 really feel punchier and faster.

Subsequent in low-end degree, the FiiO FH5 has a way of emphasis round what appeared like 60 Hz. This increase, mixed with its fast, clear transient response supplies a mixture of energy and readability. Low-frequency wealthy devices there sit just a little bit louder within the combine, but nonetheless transfer freely. Consequently, kick drums and basses comes via with power and grooviness.

Lastly, the Campfire IO has a fair low frequency response that doesn’t really feel notably boosted in any respect. That stated, devices with low frequency transient responses like kick drums and toms have punch and groove. Whereas they sit quieter within the combine for my style, they keep a way of influence and motion.

In apply…

For instance, once I was listening to the track Regular by Conor Oberst, every IEM made the bare kick drum on the prime of the track really feel in a different way. On one hand, the Last Audio E5000 introduced ahead the kick drum’s outer head. It had emphasis within the subs, which made the beater a part of the kick drum really feel sit somewhat backward in area. That stated, the extent of the kick within the combine remained somewhat bit boosted than regular. Nevertheless, it didn’t really feel cloudy, and remained harmonically complicated and separated from the bass guitar.

Against this, listening to the identical track with the FiiO FH5, the kick drum had extra of a good mixture of beater to outer head. Its harmonics felt extra practical, nevertheless it nonetheless had a pleasant feeling of subbiness which let the drum really feel expressive. The lows felt a bit bit punchier they usually appeared to have a larger sense of transient motion than the E5000. Nevertheless, in contrast to with the IO, with the FH5, the kick sounded a bit louder within the combine than typical.

Lastly, when listening to the identical track with the Campfire IO, the kick’s beater felt far more current than the E5000 and FH5. And whereas the low frequencies had power, they sounded even, the kick felt a bit of quieter within the combine than with the opposite two IEMs. That stated, the IO’s fast transient response gave a pleasant sense of spaciousness and musical grooviness to the kick and bass guitar as they moved collectively.

Center Frequencies

The center frequencies of the Campfire IO, the Remaining Audio E5000 and the FiiO FH5 felt even and harmonically complicated. Nevertheless, their balances and shapes differed from each other.

On one hand, the Campfire IO appeared to have vital emphasis within the high-mids. In consequence, whereas the center a part of the midrange let harmonically intricate devices like guitars, strings, pianos, and horns really feel complicated, they sat quieter within the combine. Vocals and the snap of drums felt nearer in area.

By comparability, the Remaining Audio E5000 had a a lot thicker, hotter midrange, notably within the low-mids. In consequence, bass guitars, thick synths, guitars, and keys come via with a sense of weight and smoothness. A bit of reduce on the base of the high-mids makes the snaps of drums sit just a little additional backward in area. Nevertheless, a lift at in the midst of the high-mids maintains a way of readability, presence, and element to vocals.

The midrange of the FiiO FH5 takes the readability of the IO and the sensation of weight of the E5000 and marries it into one sound. The low-mids are rather less thick than the E5000, however the middle-mids really feel full and sophisticated. Moreover, just like the E5000, the FH5 has slightly  reduce on the base of the high-mids. Nevertheless, it has a lift on the prime of the high-mids. Consequently, vocals and snappiness feels extra current and extra realistically positioned level-wise within the combine than each the opposite IEMs.

In apply…

For instance, once I was listening to the track Diamond Coronary heart by Woman Gaga, the vocal felt ahead within the combine, with a lot of clear articulation. The darkish synths, rhodes, and guitars felt a bit additional again in area. Against this, the brighter synths sat ahead in area, nearer to the vocal. Moreover, the snappiness of the snare felt louder within the combine than normal.

However, when listening to the identical track with the Ultimate Audio E5000, the synths, rhodes, and guitars felt heat and gooey beneath the candy sounding vocal. Whereas the assault of the drums sounded a bit bit quieter within the combine than normal, they maintained a way of power and thickness.

Lastly, when listening to the identical music with the FiiO FH5, the rhodes sounded each clear and thick. The vocal sat naturally within the combine level-wise. It had a terrific sense of separation between the totally different synths and guitars, whereas sustaining a way of harmonic fullness.

Excessive Frequencies

The excessive frequencies of the Campfire Audio IO, Remaining Audio E5000, and the FiiO FH5 are lovely, clear and aesthetically pleasing. Nevertheless, their shapes differ a bit from one another.

On one hand, the FiiO FH5 has emphasis within the prime a part of the decrease treble and the highest a part of the higher octave. In consequence, it comes by means of with a way of articulation and airiness for cymbals, percussion, and vocals. Moreover, it has a reduce within the higher space of the higher treble. In consequence, the maintain of cymbals is somewhat bit quieter within the combine than the IO.

However, the Campfire IO has emphasis throughout the span of the entire excessive frequency area. Consequently, cymbals and vocal breath sit louder within the combine. Moreover, each come by way of with articulation, texture and airiness.

The excessive frequencies of the Last Audio E5000 feels probably the most totally different from the opposite two. It has somewhat bit emphasis on the prime space of the decrease treble and one other increase on the base of the higher octave. Consequently, the highs have a way of thickness and fullness. Additionally they have a sense of element and expression. Nevertheless, compared to the opposite two IEMs, they really feel a bit bit lighter within the combine level-wise.

In follow…

For instance, once I was listening to the music Inception by McCoy Tyner Trio, I might hear the character of every cymbal with all three IEMs. Once I was listening with the Ultimate Audio E5000, I heard a way of thickness and harmonic complexity with the cymbals. I might hear their full sustai. Nevertheless, as compared with the thick low mids, the cymbals felt quieter within the combine than they did with the IO and the FH5.

Once I was listening with the FH5, I might hear extra of the bell of the cymbal. The assault felt clearer and there was a sense of crispy specificity that I didn’t fairly get with the E5000. The sustains felt somewhat bit shorter, or a minimum of lighter within the combine in comparison with the assault. Nevertheless, the cymbals maintained a way of harmonic complexity, revealing their particular person characters because the drummer moved amongst them.

Lastly, once I was listening with the Campfire Audio IO, the cymbals sat louder within the combine than they did with the opposite IEMs. They’re timbres had an identical emphasis on the bell just like the FH5, however their sustains felt louder within the combine. They felt barely much less thick than the E5000, however had a reasonably sense of element, air, and fullness.


The Campfire Audio IO, the Fiio FH5 and the Ultimate Audio E5000 all have spectacular sound levels for his or her worth factors. All three have a sense of nuance and separation among the many three dimensions. Nevertheless, along with their differing emotions of spaciousness, the form of their frequency responses mould the intricacies of how their soundstages really feel.  

The brighter, high-mid frequency targeted Campfire Audio IO brings devices with high-mid info nearer in area to the listener. Its airiness makes vocals really feel tall, virtually sitting up above the top. Further, its quieter low-mid and low finish makes it come throughout in a wider means than the others, with much less grounding tremendous strong low finish within the center. In consequence, of the three, the IO feels the widest. The sensation of extension within the excessive frequencies makes it really feel extraordinarily tall. That stated, its quieter low finish makes the attain of low frequency devices a bit of bit shorter within the vertical area.

By comparability, the thicker low and low-mid response of the FiiO FH5 makes the center really feel a bit extra strong. Nevertheless it doesn’t come throughout as fairly so vast because the IO. Moreover, the highs don’t have fairly as a lot feeling of extension, however they distinction dramatically with the deepness of the lows. Consequently, the sense of peak feels probably the most spacious with the FH5. Lastly, its feeling of depth comes throughout in a reasonably correct, true-to-the-mix approach, with maybe a bit of bit of additional intimacy than regular due to the slight high-mid increase. This creates a pleasant sense of distinction with devices that sit additional again in area, and helps mixes that make the most of depth for emotional impression come by means of with correct intention.

Lastly, the Remaining Audio E5000 has the bottom hitting sense of lows within the vertical area. It’s somewhat bit much less brilliant, so devices really feel much less tall than they do with the IO and the FH5. That stated, it has a really robust sense of middle, which contrasts strongly from the devices panned additional out. Moreover, to me, it has probably the most correct sense of depth as a result of the high-mid wealthy devices sit presently, however not overly intimate. They distinction precisely with devices that sit additional again in area. The most important skew of the depth comes from the low-mid emphasis, which brings bass guitars and synths a bit bit nearer in area than traditional.

In follow…

For instance, once I was listening to the track Quizas Quizas Quizas by Pink Martini with the Campfire Audio IO, the shaker, guiro, hand drum, and strings felt tremendous far out to the vast in comparison with the E5000 and FH5. The solidity of the middle was targeted across the vocal versus the upright bass. Consequently, it felt somewhat bit much less sturdy, however nonetheless maintained its sense of distinction. The vocal within the music, which sounded tremendous shut in area, felt ethereal and candy, and sat excessive above the top. This contrasted superbly with the further-off-in-space and vertically decrease bass.

By comparability, once I was listening to the identical music with the Fiio FH5, the upright bass’s larger degree helped to solidify it extra strongly within the middle than the IO. It contrasted on this approach with the panned shaker, guiro, and strings. Nevertheless, in comparison with the IO hose devices felt somewhat bit much less broad. The sense of peak had numerous nuance, with the percussion contrasting dramatically from the lows of the upright. The vocal, piano, and strings sat slightly bit beneath the percussion, and the classical guitar somewhat bit under them nonetheless. The lows reached down deep and the highs reached up excessive and the opposite midrangey devices fell proper into place in between them. Lastly, vocal within the music sounded good and intimate, though much less intimate than the IO. As compared, it sat again only a bit, however contrasted splendidly with the pizzicato strings and classical guitar.

Lastly, whereas the Ultimate Audio E5000 had a reasonably sense of extension, its quieter excessive frequencies made the percussion not really feel fairly as tall. Nevertheless, its emphasis within the lows offered a particularly highly effective sense of extension, deepness, and centered feeling to the bass and blend as an entire.  Moreover, the sensation of depth felt splendidly complicated and particular. The vocal felt probably the most intimate, and it contrasted splendidly with the far-off pizz strings and classical guitar. In between these two extremes, the opposite devices have been capable of fill within the center. Nevertheless, the upright bass did really feel nearer in area due to its emphasis.


General, the Campfire Audio IO, Fiio FH5, and the Remaining Audio E5000 are three of the most effective IEMs within the $300 vary. They cater to totally different ear styles and sizes, in addition to totally different sound signature preferences. When you’ve got smallish ears which have problem discovering a match, your greatest guess is the FiiO FH5. Moreover, its sound signature felt like probably the most normal for most individuals, particularly in case you take heed to pop, hip-hop, people, indie, or rock music.

For those who like a hotter sound signature, you’ll love the E5000. Its match is straightforward within the ear, following extra of a typical bullet-shape design, versus an IEM design. It has a pleasant deep bass, so for those who like hip-hop, pop, digital music, or recordings with tremendous brightness that wants taming, you’ll stay the E5000.

Lastly, the Campfire IO goes to be for these people that take pleasure in specificity and element within the excessive frequencies. It is going to be for people who need to hear the clear distinction between strings like in classical music or bluegrass. It has a sense of character and a very nice large soundstage to go together with it.

The Campfire Audio IO, FiiO FH5, and Last Audio E5000 can be found for one of the best worth right here:

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Remaining Audio E5000 at Audio46

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