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10 Facts About The Man Who Kept Severed Vaginas In His Freezer

10 Facts About The Man Who Kept Severed Vaginas In His Freezer

On this lovely world we inhabit, how straightforward it’s to hold on about our seemingly peaceable, easy lives, utterly and completely oblivious to a lot happening round us, good or dangerous. So many individuals, so many issues, and, most of all, so many occasions throughout us stay utterly hidden from our information. Can we flip a blind eye to those issues, particularly once they’re darkish, macabre, and wicked? Can we query our potential to deal with them? How do killers and different monsters get away with their hideous and brutal crimes for therefore lengthy?

In case you have been questioning, no, this isn’t simply one other serial killer article; that is probably much more sinister and evil than any of the serial killers I’ve carried out—I’ll allow you to be the decide. Peter Frederiksen dedicated crimes that strike virtually everybody as completely unthinkable, particularly contemplating the various different sexual assaults and violations of feminine bodily autonomy coming to mild like we now have as we speak. Listed here are ten details about Peter Frederiksen, the person who severed exterior genitalia from dwelling ladies and stored them in his freezer.

10 Historical past

Peter Frederiksen was 63 years previous when his crimes lastly got here to mild in 2015, and his story begins in Denmark, the place he was born and would spend the primary a part of his life. Peter Frederiksen’s youth and early maturity have been nothing shy of unusual, virtually as weird as the story that was about to unfold. We don’t know a lot concerning the man who would go on to commit such unthinkable, atrocious crimes, however we do know that he dabbled in what some would name the darker features of Western tradition early on in life, specifically witchcraft and Satanism.

Frederiksen traveled to the small, mountainous African nation of Lesotho in 2000 and stayed there for a number of years. In Lesotho, he would ultimately meet the lady who would later develop into his spouse and play a pivotal position within the man’s twisted story. Peter Frederiksen was convicted of weapons-related offenses in 2006 in his residence nation of Denmark, however he nonetheless managed to acquire all the documentation he wanted to run from the regulation, together with correct identification to journey, and he ended up establishing store in South Africa and calling it house. Peter, an avid gun collector, opened up a gun retailer in South Africa.[1]

9 Depravity

Very similar to Ariel Castro, the monster of Cleveland, Peter Frederiksen was wicked past what most of us may even fathom, as would later be delivered to mild at his trial. He truly married two ladies, one named Vivian in Denmark and Anna Matseliso Molise in Africa, which undoubtedly provides us a little bit of an perception into his thoughts, how he seen ladies, and the way unorthodox his way of life was up till his arrest. Anna was greater than 30 years youthful than Peter.

Frederiksen was additionally fairly public about his views on feminine genital mutilation, even stating in an interview with Danish journalists that he was a pseudo-surgeon and had truly mutilated the genitals of girls earlier than. Peter was one thing of an advocate of the apply, probably for clandestine spiritual causes, together with Satanic rituals. Frederiksen advised the Danish journalists that he practiced the process, not solely on his spouse but in addition on her associates.

Peter Frederiksen additionally claimed that he had truly been taught by a physician in Denmark who glided by the nickname “Dr. Penis.”[2] That man was named Jorn Ege, and he specialised particularly in penis enlargement surgical procedure, therefore the identify. He additionally, apparently, confirmed Peter Frederiksen the ropes when it got here to the ins and outs of genital mutilation and surgical procedure.

eight Police

Peter Frederiksen was a relentless abuser, particularly towards his spouse. Data would present that his most brutal of crimes, pressured genital mutilation, started in 2010 (some sources state 2004), and it’s recognized that his spouse Anna positioned a telephone name to police to alert them of the person’s sick and twisted crimes in February 2014, however the police believed she was pulling a prank and didn’t take her significantly.

However it will be in September 2015 when the police would truly increase an eyebrow and start to take Anna’s story a bit extra critically. Anna alleged that Frederiksen drugged her by lacing her champagne, knocking her out with a heavy sedative, after which proceeded to forcibly reduce off her genitals.[3] When she awoke, the exterior elements of her vagina had been forcibly eliminated with surgical gear towards her will. Anna alleged that Peter had been hanging out with some fairly questionable Satanists and “witch docs,” implying that his motive might have been bizarrely spiritual or religious in nature.

This was when the police determined to descend upon the home and conduct an investigation into the alleged crimes. Peter would finally be arrested.

7 Serial Sexual Assault

It ought to be famous right here that, so far as we all know, Peter Frederiksen by no means killed anybody, however he did commit a morally repugnant collection of sexual assaults, preying upon ladies as he so selected, together with his personal spouse. When police searched his house, they found an array of horrifying, nightmarish issues that may later be delivered to trial and used towards him—issues that additional evidenced the depravity of his character. In his house, police discovered baby pornography, surgical gear, anesthesia, and unlawful firearms. It was revealed, first by his spouse’s account after which later by bodily proof, that Frederiksen would use the anesthesia to render his victims unconscious and completely helpless earlier than utilizing his surgical gear to take away their genitalia.

Keep in mind these data talked about above which confirmed that he first started working towards pressured genital mutilation in 2010? Yeah, nicely, these have been his personal data—Peter Frederiksen stored detailed accounts of each individual whose genitals he’d reduce off, neatly and in his personal handwriting.[7] These data have been stored within the type of a diary, very similar to many twisted serial killers have stored of their victims, solely Frederiksen didn’t commit any murders. He did, nevertheless, have one entry titled “Pedophile Pig,” the place he mentioned his rape and abuse of a woman who was solely 9 years previous when Frederiksen went to trial for his crimes.

6 Pressured Removing

The very fact stays that Peter Frederiksen drugged his spouse and rendered her unconscious earlier than forcibly eradicating her genitals. Police had an in depth listing of his sexual crimes within the type of his diary, together with mentions of pedophilic practices in addition to sedating different ladies earlier than eradicating their genitalia towards their needs. However how correct was this diary? Very.

In a scene that was straight out of Jeffrey Dahmer’s condo, police discovered 21 luggage full of feminine genitalia, 21 luggage containing clitorises and different elements of vaginas. Every bag was rigorously marked and arranged. They discovered one other two clitorises drying on hooks within the storage of the house.[5]

It shortly turned obvious at this grim scene that the report made by Anna was no joke—this man had truly been sedating and chopping up ladies for a number of years. And this darkish and macabre story was simply starting to unfold for each investigators and the world.

5 Assassination

It was after Frederiksen was arrested that issues would actually ramp up. In October 2015, the prosecution’s star witness, Anna Matseliso Molise, was shot and killed, assassination-style, outdoors her residence in Lesotho. As she left her house, photographs vary out, and Anna was struck by 4 bullets. She would later die from her wounds within the hospital.[6]

Authorities carried out an investigation. They have been unable to right away tie Peter Frederiksen to the homicide, although everybody had their suspicions. However extra would quickly be revealed as Frederiksen stood trial and the prosecution mounted a formidable case towards him with different witnesses apart from Anna.

four Trial

After being arrested, Peter Frederiksen can be introduced up on dozens of expenses. His fees included pedophilia, 32 counts of possession of kid pornography, manufacturing and distributing baby pornography, the unlawful removing of human tissue, inflicting grievous bodily hurt, and even conspiracy to commit homicide. Motlatsi Moqeti was a person who was convicted of tried homicide and was serving an 11-year jail sentence on the time. The wheelchair-bound convict would turn into a witness for the prosecution on the latter cost when he claimed that Peter Frederiksen paid him $1,500 to rearrange successful on Anna.[7]

Frederiksen had additionally hoped that he would get out of the trial by suspending it so long as he might in order that he might bear a psychological well being analysis that may rule him unfit to face trial. The trial can be postponed for him to be evaluated, although Frederiksen was finally discovered able to standing trial. A surviving sufferer additionally informed a Danish newspaper that she had been drugged by Peter with a sedative-laced alcoholic cocktail and that she’d awoken with an atrocious headache, in absolute agony.

three Witchcraft

In the course of the spectacle, Peter would give some uncommon explanations for what was discovered inside his house. He mounted what might virtually be known as “the witchcraft protection” and truly claimed that the physique elements in his freezer belonged to his spouse and that she used them for pagan rituals. He even had the audacity to attempt to declare that he had informed her a number of occasions to wash up the anesthesia, the surgical gear, and the luggage of severed vaginas within the freezer, however she merely wouldn’t take heed to him, although he had zero rationalization for why he didn’t take this info to the police. It was recognized that Peter himself was engaged in numerous uncommon types of witchcraft and Satanism and ran with numerous unsavory crowds, and the person deflected all of this onto his lifeless spouse at trial.[8]

And what about all the fees of pedophilia and youngster pornography? His argument was, but once more, strikingly uncommon. Frederiksen said that he had little interest in baby pornography, neither the possession of it nor the manufacturing and distribution of it, and was utilizing it for “analysis,” noting that his efforts have been virtually full. What that analysis was, he didn’t say.

2 Conviction

Ladies’s rights teams poured out in protest, and activists everywhere in the globe have been enraged once they caught wind of the case. They despatched threatening letters to Peter, a few of them remarking, “You’ll die as your spouse died,” and different demise threats. He was warned to not get hold of bail and depart jail, for he can be killed. The decide residing over the case determined to drop two expenses of rape pertaining to Anna, which might have been mighty onerous to show with out the sufferer to provide testimony. However finally, Peter can be discovered responsible on each cost that wasn’t thrown out. Surprisingly, the fees pertaining to removing of human tissue have been dropped, because the Nationwide Well being Act was not clear on the punishment for such an motion.

Nevertheless, it was the video interview which Peter Frederiksen had achieved with the Danish journalists which actually sealed the deal, as he, in his personal phrases, on video, described how he drugged and rendered ladies unconscious to subsequently take away their genitals. He was discovered responsible of assaulting his lifeless spouse Anna, which was probably probably the most significant of all of the convictions. Frederiksen was sentenced to 2 life phrases for his crimes.[9]

1 Unknown Victims

What’s probably probably the most terrifying a part of this story are the opposite 20 items of vaginas which have been discovered inside Peter Frederiksen’s freezer and didn’t belong to Anna. Who did they belong to? It appeared that the police had numerous work forward of them. Investigators weren’t initially positive what number of ladies the genitalia within the freezer belonged to in complete, with first estimates pegging the quantity at seven ladies.

Frederiksen’s diary helped to make clear the true extent of his horrible crimes.[10] Some nonetheless suspect he might have had greater than 21 victims.